Need some honesty

While I admit, I hadn't paid much attention to politics until after 9/11.  The idea that all the problems in the mid-east didn't affect me directly.  I was appauled on the attacks on our embassies and military targets but I was happy their were there to keep us safe.  9/11 changed all that.

We now have even more to worry about than threats from muslin fanatics but we are being attacked from within.  President Obama has weakened our country in every way.  He lies to the citizens of America....Sequestration, Benqanzi to name a few  He doesn't have ANY leadership which we so badly need.  President Obama only knows how to campaign and he is so worried about his legacy, he will abandon the American people. 

I hope that in 2014 we are able to not only hold onto the House but I hope we (conservatives) can take the Senate.  President Obama needs to be held at bay before he does more damage.  We may not be ale to repeal Obamacare but maybe we can defund it before it is in full force. 

Politicians are politicians but I hope we can elect some who REALLY put this country first over reelections. 


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