To: All members of the 114th United States Congress

I, the undersigned, a lover of liberty, an American patriot, and defender of the right to bear arms, do hereby implore you, our elected representatives, to protect our Second Amendment rights and stop efforts aimed at "universal background checks."

Recent incidents of heartbreaking gun violence have brought the issue of gun safety into the spotlight.  Putting further restrictions on law abiding citizen-gun owners is not the answer.

We have gun laws in place, we need to work hard to enforce existing laws, not create new laws that do nothing to deter criminals and madmen.

The Second Amendment was drafted to protect our First Amendment rights, and according to my First Amendment right to petition, I expect review of this request, and will hold you accountable for your response to it.

Finally, I do hereby pledge to stand with Patriot Voices and conservative patriots nationwide in support of the Second Amendment and against efforts to implement "universal background checks."

Please add your signature to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

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Proudly signed
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There will never be a time when we can protect everyone from the criminally insane. Allow us to protect our families as is our right as Americans. I don’t feel safe in South Florida without a firearm. Taking away any of the constitutional amendments is going to start a chain reaction and we will eventually lose more and more of our rights if the government succeeds.
signed 2016-07-12 11:27:57 -0400
hey stupids yeah you in congress i know about the crisis actors that you use get you some new ones these people are getting old with their fake crap….omar mateen was a hollywood actor he was in the big fix and one other can stop your crap now ..we are waking up to your shi*….martial law and gun bans will only get you a civil war we already do not trust you enough as it is…and hillary needs to be handed over to the cia isis and beheaded
signed 2016-07-08 10:06:42 -0400
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The proposed “No Fly-No Buy” legislation is a dangerous over reach of power to be handed over to individuals who could use it as a tool to single out anyone they choose. Very well thought out by the left.
signed 2016-06-24 09:37:33 -0400
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signed 2016-06-23 13:35:14 -0400
Since the most recent incident of gun violence primarily sparking these efforts at gun restrictions was perpetrated by someone authorized to carry not as part of a well-regulated militia (i.e.—the people playing their proper role as fellow citizens), but as part of the civil authorities as a contractor for Homeland Security, one would expect that incident would have called for some remorse of the part of those civil rulers, repudiating the action and offering amends to the victims. Instead, the behavior of many in Washington, in essence targeting the people rather than the enemy, essentially makes them partakers of the guilt of the Omar Mateen and all of his accessories, in effect declaring “We will stand by them and would have acted the same part if we had been present.” Therefore, if there be any urgent need to disarm anyone, it should be these folks, who are not acting like part of the people safeguarded by the Second Amendment, but like a foreign rulership attempting to tyrannize and threaten the security of the free states, as the framers of the Second Amendment sought to guard against.
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Thank you for all you do to stand for freedom~
signed 2016-06-20 20:43:12 -0400
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signed 2016-06-20 18:50:57 -0400
Please end this Presidents ability to further infringe upon our rights.

We’re losing our country, and the murder weapon has Congresses fingerprints all over it. Congress was created to keep the President in check. Please do so.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Scott
signed 2016-06-20 18:41:16 -0400
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A native born American
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