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signed Demand the truth about Benghazi 2013-05-09 12:27:56 -0400

Demand The Truth about Benghazi!

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It’s been more than two years and we still don’t have answers about what happened in Benghazi, Libya when four brave Americans were killed on September 11, 2012. 

While the White House is doing its best to quietly and purposefully sweep this tragedy under the rug, we are Patriot Voices are refusing to back down.

We refuse to back down until former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton comes out of the dark and starts answering the important questions about who knew what and when.

Former Secretary of State Clinton asked "what difference, at this point, does it make?"  It makes a big difference.  The truth matters, and the victims' families as well as the American people deserve to know what happened.  Watch this video and help us demand that Hillary Clinton come clean on the following:

•         Who knew what and when?

•         Why were warnings ignored?

•         Was there a cover up?

•         Why were the talking points changed 12 times?

•         Why did her spokesperson delete critical facts regarding the attacks?


signed Protect 2nd Amendment 2016-01-13 12:58:42 -0500

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To: All members of the 114th United States Congress

I, the undersigned, a lover of liberty, an American patriot, and defender of the right to bear arms, do hereby implore you, our elected representatives, to protect our Second Amendment rights and stop efforts aimed at "universal background checks."

Recent incidents of heartbreaking gun violence have brought the issue of gun safety into the spotlight.  Putting further restrictions on law abiding citizen-gun owners is not the answer.

We have gun laws in place, we need to work hard to enforce existing laws, not create new laws that do nothing to deter criminals and madmen.

The Second Amendment was drafted to protect our First Amendment rights, and according to my First Amendment right to petition, I expect review of this request, and will hold you accountable for your response to it.

Finally, I do hereby pledge to stand with Patriot Voices and conservative patriots nationwide in support of the Second Amendment and against efforts to implement "universal background checks."

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I want to know why, as each and every day passes, they – our elected voices – sit in our House in Washington, D.C. and our House in each of our States of the Union, and ignore the obvious, silently watch as Obama continually and openly shreds our Constitution, eliminates each of our most scared Bill of Rights. How can his actions be ignored? How can they, our representatives that swore to protect and uphold our Constitutional Rights, allow a person in the chair of a president to destroy all that is so very important to each and every American? Why is this atrocity not broadcast to all news media? Why is censorship allowed? Why are our service men and women being treated as potential terrorists when they lay their lives on the line for our country? Why are our Veterans also being treated in the same manner? Why are our borders open to invaders that are not here to enhance our freedom, but to destroy our safety and economic balance? There are so many questions! Where are the answers? Who will give the answers? And most of all, who will be honest and who will put a stop to the over-reaching actions of Barack H. Obama? Who?

Patrica Berry

signed No Budget No Pay 2013-02-25 12:00:52 -0500
end ALL benefits to Senate and House and well as other branches of gov in Washington, D.C.

No Budget No Pay


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The “No Budget, No Pay Act” would require members of Congress to forgo pay for every day after October 1 that they don’t adopt a budget and pass all of its spending bills.  Once members approved a spending plan and appropriated the money, they would start receiving paychecks again but couldn’t collect any retroactive pay.  The premise is simple: don’t do your job and you don’t get paid.

Sounds logical enough. When you are in the private sector, if you don’t do your job, you don’t get paid or worse you get fired.  We should expect the same from our elected officials.

Remarkably, Congress hasn’t passed a budget since 2009. The United States faces its most serious financial crisis and Senate Democrats could not be bothered to write a budget because budgets force people to make choices.  This has to change.  

In the longer term, we need a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution so the federal government has to balance its budget like our states do.  And in the short term, we need a new law to start the process of fiscal reform today. The “No Budget, No Pay Act” is a good start.

Sign the petition below to support the “No Budget, No Pay Act.”  You can also obtain contact information for your Senator and Member of Congress.  Please call or email them and tell them to vote for the “No Budget, No Pay Act” (S. 1981 and H.R. 3643).  You can access a sample letter here that you can cut, paste, add your own personalization and then email to your Member of Congress and Senator.

Americans develop a budget within their household.  We should be able to rely on our lawmakers to do the same for our nation.  This is a core constitutional and job responsibility.  

Patricia Berry
I saw and experienced a type of life people should not have to go through. I was devastated and then mad - then turned it around to being determined. My experiences have made me stronger, and are helping me in college. Once I earn my degree I can o