Patriot Voices PAC Makes More U.S. Senate Endorsements

Verona, PA - Former Republican presidential candidate and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum announced today that Patriot Voices PAC has endorsed three more candidates in U.S. Senate races.  Those endorsements are Rick Berg in North Dakota, Deb Fischer in Nebraska, Dean Heller in Nevada, Denny Rehberg in Montana.

Rick Santorum said, "These are solid conservatives, and I am pleased to support them for the U.S. Senate.  As a former Senator, I have seen firsthand that if we don't elect committed conservatives to the U.S. Senate, we can't effectively fight for the values of protecting the sanctity of life, ensuring a strong national defense and reducing the size and scope of our government.  These candidates will fight tirelessly for those values, and Patriot Voices PAC looks forward to helping their candidacies between now and Election Day."


Rick Santorum issued the following statements about each candidate: 

Rick Berg

"Patriot Voices is pleased to support Rick Berg for U.S. Senate.  By building his own business years ago, Rick understands what small businesses across this country are facing with our heavy handed tax code and the burdensome regulations in ObamaCare.  Rick is committed to repealing ObamaCare, cutting our wasteful spending and reducing the debt.  He will be a sound voice for conservative values in the U.S Senate."

Deb Fischer

"Deb Fischer is a strong conservative, and Patriot Voices PAC is proud to announce this endorsement.  Deb developed a reputation as an extremely effective legislator in the Nebraska legislature, working across the aisle to move a conservative agenda forward.   Deb is committed to changing the status quo in Washington, and we look forward to helping elect her as Nebraska's next U.S. Senator."

Dean Heller

"Dean Heller deserves reelection to the U.S. Senate.  In his short tenure, he has already established himself as a fiscal hawk - fighting against tax increases and championing efforts to stop Washington's out-of-control spending.  He's also been a leader in supporting efforts on both sides of the aisle to balance the budget.  Patriot Voices PAC looks forward to supporting Dean in the days ahead."

Denny Rehberg

"Denny Rehberg is a committed public servant, who has dedicated much of the last 20 years to serving his state and his country.  As a first term congressman, Denny sponsored a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, recognizing that Congress should not spend more than it's bringing in.  His commitment to fiscal responsibility is much-needed in the U.S. Senate, and Patriot Voices PAC is pleased to support his candidacy."


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