Patriot Voices Announces "Patriots for Romney-Ryan" Reception at GOP Convention

Verona, PA - Rick Santorum, former Republican presidential candidate and Chairman of Patriot Voices, announced today that Patriot Voices will host a "Patriots for Romney" reception at the Republican National Convention.

"We at Patriot Voices look forward to joining with the country's leading conservative voices to demonstrate our committed support for Mitt Romney. Already, we've assembled a tremendous number of co-hosts that are outspoken conservatives on fiscal, social and national security issues," said Rick Santorum. 

The reception will take place Wednesday, August 29th at Liberty Plaza in Tampa. 

Patriots for Romney co-hosts include:

•Rick & Karen Santorum

•Edward G. Atsinger, III

•David Barton

•Gary Bauer

•Morton Blackwell

•David N. Bossie

•Colin Burkhalter

•Marjorie Dannenfelser

•Dr. James Dobson

•Elaine Donnelly

•Bill Dore

•Stuart Epperson

•Bob Fischer

•Foster & Lynn Friess

•Maggie Gallagher

•Ellen Grigsby

•Rebecca Hagaelin

•Colin & Pricie Hanna

•Jamie Hogan

•Timothy F. Johnson, Ph.D.

•Bradley Mattes

•Cleta Mitchell

•Steve Munisteri

•Penny Nance

•Grover Norquist

•Duane A. Parde

•Tony Perkins

•Buddy Pilgrim

•Ralph Reed

•Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt

•Christopher Ruddy

•Phyllis Schlafly

•Kelly Shackelford

•John Stemberger

•Richard Viguerie

•Bill Wichterman

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