Patriot Voices Announces Opposition to S. 1137, the PATENT Act

Verona, PA -- Nadine Maenza, Executive Director of Patriot Voices, issued the following statement regarding S. 1137, the PATENT Act:

“Patriot Voices opposes S. 1137 because it hurts innovation and harms the American worker.  This bill ultimately weakens the ability of American inventors to protect their discoveries, and it invites unfair competitive practices putting us at a disadvantage in the global marketplace.  While there are some benefits of the PATENT Act like lowering licensing costs, they come at too large a price.  The bottom line is S. 1137 must be defeated.” 

Read a copy of the letter that Patriot Voices co-signed to Senate and House leadership urging defeat of this bill. 

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We need to make sure our American inventors are protected, and are able to compete at a fair rate vs. allowing big business/inventors take over the marketplace.