National Security Dominates Concerns in Moms' Poll

Verona, PA - As Democrats highlight President Obama's flawed foreign policy record at the Democratic National Committee Convention in Charlotte, NC, Patriot Voices releases Moms Know Best poll numbers indicating concerns over the administration's "leading from behind" approach to foreign policy. Day two of the poll, taken with mothers in five battleground states, reveals an array of questions concerning the Obama administration's approach to national security.

"As Democrats spent the final day of their convention touting their national security priorities, mothers in five battleground states question how the current leadership of our country is addressing our major national security and foreign policy challenges. The Moms Know Best poll showed us that while of course mothers are concerned about the economic challenges we face, we also care about keeping our families safe. From missile defense and nuclear weapons to an EMP attack and President Obama's stance on Israel, moms want to know that our government is focused on how to address these national security issues," said Karen Santorum.

Here are some of the key national security findings in this poll:

  • 73% of mothers are concerned about the type of nuclear strategy that President Obama might pursue.
  • 62% of mothers are concerned by President Obama's conciliatory remarks to Russian President Medvedev.
  • 53% of moms thought it was inappropriate for President Obama to tell Israel that it should alter its borders.

This poll, conducted by the Tarrance Group, interviewed 2,500 moms online who have at least one child under 18 at home. The survey incorporated 15 open-ended questions, producing thousands of individual responses. Of the mothers interviewed, 729 were self-identified Independents, 911 were Democrats and 860 were Republicans. All were registered to vote. Please visit to find memos detailing the poll. On Saturday, a third and final segment will be issued detailing the poll's finding on energy.

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