My American Dream is to restore hope

The day after this last election I thought to myself....what just happened? How did this happen a second time? I felt let down by my fellow Americans that could accept another 4 years of this erosion of what my America stood for and was built on. 

I felt hopeless, like we can never get back to where we need to be as a country. The lack of leadership that leaves us all so vulnerable to the loss of every freedom we've known in the past. 

America is about choice, and what you believe in. This country has fallen from the land of opportunity to the land of entitlement. When you try to instill morals and values in your children, they are undermined by this current society and they are forced to accept and tolerate everything or be labeled as some sort of bigot.

After months of feeling like the rug got pulled out from under me after this election, I am trying to regroup. I have realized I cannot give up and need to fight harder for what I believe in. Rather than just accept what we've been handed for another 4 years, we need to get active. Write letters to our elected officials and voice your opinions, attend meetings with other like minded people, continue to raise our children with strong values and morals. Teach our younger generation what it was really like before this complacency set in. Teach them that even though you are penalized for working hard today, that you still should. Teach them to make a difference.

I was so disappointed to see the so called "dream act" passed by the house which gives state college tuition assistance to illegal immigrants, feel like it rewards them for breaking our countries laws. I had just gotten the news from my son that serves in our United States military that his tuition assistance has been cut. Where is the justice in that? Why aren't people up in arms over this? I would hope the folks in our senate would come to their senses and vote no. This is just one of many issues I disagree with.

My American Dream is to bring back the America we had, the America that was made strong by hard working people, and our military members that have made the ultimate sacrifice for the rights we have. I love my country and am so very proud to be American. We need to restore hope instead of just rolling over and accepting what has been handed to us. Quit being afraid of offending people because you stand for something that doesn't involve big government. God Bless America and the ones who will stand up for her.

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