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In August 2012, The Tarrance Group, known for its extensive political and issue survey work, including the highly regarded Battleground Poll, conducted an  unprecedented online interview poll with 2500 Moms with at least one child under 18 years of age at home. This survey makes it clear that moms’ deep concerns are not just economic. Instead, when they understand the facts about critical but very neglected issues, they become much more independently minded – regardless of their normal party allegiances.

This survey was conducted with 500 moms in each of the following states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia and Florida. This survey covered a broad range of neglected topics from government-based impacts on gas prices to national security issues.

The survey covered a range of topics, from gas prices to national security.  In an effort to truly “listen” to Moms, the survey incorporated an astonishing 15 open-ended questions, producing thousands of individual responses. Of the mothers interviewed, 729 were self identified “Independent,” 911 were Democratic, 860 were Republican.  All were registered to vote. 

Moms' responses on questions pertaining to the START Treaty are detailed below. The full survey can be read here. 


Tarrance surveyed Moms on the START Treaty to determine if specific detailed awareness could prompt deeper understanding of the largely unrecognized harms to America’s national security from this treaty. Not surprisingly, a majority (57%) of mothers were unaware of the START treaty.

However, when told what exactly the START treaty would mean for the United States and its missile and nuclear capacity as compared to Russia, a majority (69%) answered that the START Treaty made them insecure, and a plurality of those who took the survey felt very insecure (36%) with the treaty.  Of added significant concern is the fact that under the terms of the START Treaty, the U.S. is restricted from increasing its anti-missile defenses by even one new defense missile – UNLESS RUSSIA GIVES AMERICA PERMISSION TO DO SO.

Furthermore, a majority of mothers are either concerned (38%) or very concerned (36%) with the report that President Obama is considering reducing the US nuclear deterrent by 80%, regardless of what other countries may or may not agree to do. One Ohio Independent asked “Why would we decrease if no other countries are! Scary to think while other nations are improving their nuclear devices, we aren't! I would love to leave in a world where all countries would cease production/advancement of nuclear devices...but that just isn't the case. We need to always be prepared.”

With these expanded insights and concerns by Moms, a large majority (73%) of the 2500 moms surveyed are even more concerned by the idea that President Obama could use his executive power to bring about such a reduction if he is re-elected. A Virginia Independent said that “it seems that he is making our country a target for our enemies. Just a sitting duck. We have to be able to protect ourselves if needed.”

This sentiment was shared throughout the verbatims.  Multiple Independent Moms expressed deep, worrisome concerns for the protection of our homeland (and families), and the vulnerability to America from the U.S. government’s stated plans to reduce our military defenses and strength relative to the rising military power of Russia, China and Iran. An Ohio Independent summarized the concerns of many women quite well: “Our military resources are the reason we are a “blessed” nation and it is imperative that our military always maintain a high level of resources and support. Military cutbacks make the US vulnerable. Decreasing weapons beyond other countries willingness to do so to the same degree is naive and our current president should not be trusted alone to make decisions for this country’s security today or tomorrow.”

But none said it more forcefully than a Florida Independent when she said that it “is insane to cut back 80%. May as well have no military and have the Russians stick their nuclear's up our butts.”

Finally, the Moms asked whether or not they were worried by President Obama’s whispered comments to former President Medvedev in March that he would have “more flexibility” in a second term. Of those surveyed, 62% are concerned. Most earnestly, mothers 40-49 years of age were the most notable age group to be worried by this whispered comment.  A Virginia Independent articulated such concerns shared by many others: “This statement is a fruit of what lies on Mr. Obama's heart. in that he only thinks of the people of America when it comes to an election, and that after having his last election he can move freely to do all that he knows the people of this nation do not want. This shows that he is corrupt, and selfish, seeking only to gain for his own life view, no matter what it does to others.”


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