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15. If the massive reservoirs of U.S. oil were extracted cleanly and efficiently with little to no environmental impact, would you support extracting this oil for the benefit of America’s economy and for our hard pressed citizens?


15.1.    Why?


FL Independent Hispanic 45-64: When gasoline goes up, so does everything else. At this time many Americans are unemployed or under-employed. Families need whatever financial relief they can get.

OH Independent White 18-34: There is no reason that we should be supporting dictators and other middle eastern regimes by buying all of their oil when we have enough in this country to support ourselves. The environmental regulations have gotten out of hand (i just read about a coal plant being shut down in Ohio today) and if Obama has his way, we will lose even more domestic energy.

OH Independent White 35-44: I have five kids, get no child support even though I should, hit my welfare limit, and work two jobs. I barely make it and I never get to see my kids. I'm two months behind on my mortgage. A reduction in gas prices would be very significant for me. I say do it! And put people to work in the process! 

PA Independent White 45-64: Because we have a wealth of energy resources which would cut our reliance on unstable, unfriendly nations; would NATURALLY provide many more domestic jobs; and would improve the economy. I've spoken with several engineers who study frakking, and I think it's a no-brainer.

VA Independent White 35-44: Isn't this a no brainer? I still don't understand why Obama killed the oil line from Canada that would have provided so many jobs. Extracting American oil will drive down the prices and provide jobs here in the US. This has to be explained to him? Jeepers.


FL Democrat White 18-34: Americans need a break! The unemployment rate is through the roof, and without gas, good luck finding a job you wont be able to show up to. Many people I know spend their entire pay check on car insurance and gas. They never move forward. We are all at a standstill. 

FL Democrat Hispanic 45-64: First because we shouldn't need to rely on any other country to get the oil we need, second because we are getting oil from other countries, this domes at a very expensive price to us which crushes middle class and lower class

OH Democrat White 18-34: I only work a minimum wage job, and I would love to not pay almost $4.00 per gallon of gas, I think that's rediculous. Again, O'bama is supposed to be HELPING US citizens! Plus, if we extracted oil in the US it would create more jobs and the unemployment levels would go down.

OH Democrat White 18-34: Because we need to be more self-sustaining. We're exhausting our own citizens with over-priced gasoline, and it's for purely political reasons.

PA Democrat White 18-34: Can I say HELL YEA!!? Why would we not do this? First of all we wouldn't have to depend on other countries for our fuel. America would save massive amounts of money by using our own oil and it would create more money for Americans and help our economy. 

VA Democrat White 18-34: Being from a family that is tight on money, and that is affected by the rising gas prices, and being fairly dependant on gasoline because of our family needs, if it could #1 reduce our cost of living, #2 create jobs and opportunities for americans, and #3 reduce our dependence on other countries for such a vital resource, it seems like a no brainer - especially if it can be done with no real environmental damage.

16. In contrast, President Obama’s new five-year plan for offshore oil production allows for only half the drilling offshore versus the previous plan under President Bush.

Do you think, therefore, that America should increase the level of offshore oil drilling to at least match the levels of only four years ago which had the effect of reducing the price of gas to $1.85/gallon by January of 2009?


16.1.    Why?



OH Independent White 18-34: Obama stopped a lot of offshore drilling after the gulf coast oil spill and, to the best of my knowlesdge, has yet to issue new any new offshore drilling permits. This puts a lot of people out of work, makes the cost of gas go up and makes the cost of everything else go up to. \ Today I pay a huge chunk of my income on gas and groceries…

OH Independent White 18-34: gas right now is at an all time high I have panic attacks because there are some days that I am unsure how I am going to get to school and how is my husband going to get to work

PA Independent White 35-44: The high gas prices and failing economy has killed my business. I work 5 jobs, have no health insurance and barely get by. I honestly feel that if gas was reasonable priced, I would still be thriving. 

PA Independent White 45-64: I am a single parent and it is getting impossible to live with the cost of everything going up. It costs me half of my pay just in gas to go to work. That's CRAZY.

PA Independent White 35-44: Again, why shouldn’t we use our natural resources that are available as long as it is done in a responsible way and to benefit the people of the United States rather then continuing to support other nations around the world.

VA Independent White 35-44: Jobs, jobs, jobs. Hello???? \ Also a decrease in fuel cost will help businesses and consumers. 

VA Independent White 45-64: Again, energy independence is worth it. Besides, would you trust a US company drilling off our shores, or a communist country drilling and then shipping the oil half way around the globe.


FL Democrat White 45-64: We need to do whatever it takes to reduce the price of gas. It's getting to the point where we can't afford to drive to work much less take vacations to enjoy life

OH Democrat White 45-64: We need a break at the pumps. My job requires me to travel. It becomes very expensive for me, as a single parent, to continue to fill up my tank. It impacts my ability to provide for my family.

PA Democrat Black / African American 45-64: If this is true why not increased off shore oil drilling to lower these gas prices.

VA Democrat White 45-64: gas prices are hurting americans in ways that are not being fully recongized -middle class americans are spending way too much on transportation costs

WI Democrat White 18-34: I support anything that would cause gas prices to lower. We need to see a reform among gas and oil prices for the sake of lower and middle class citizens that have to choose between food and gas to get to work.



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