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18. The Supreme Court recently ruled that the financial penalty for not complying with the individual mandate in Obamacare is constitutional because it is a tax. In addition, other retained provisions in Obamacare would cut half a trillion dollars in Medicare support by the Federal Government over the next ten years, while the number of persons entering Medicare will increase by over 37%. Do you feel that Obamacare’s heavy tax burdens and such major cuts in Medicare services for America’s older citizens is fair to the American people?

IF “Yes or No” IN Q18, THEN ASK:

18.1           Would you support replacing Obamacare with a better health reform law that is fairer, especially for seniors, individuals and small businesses?


18.2           Why?


PA Independent White 18-34: The middle class is struggling the most right now. Putting this burden on them is very unfair. People and small businesses are going to struggle vastly once this goes into play in 2014. 

PA Independent White 35-44: We have only heard what government has wanted us to hear about that montrosity of a bill. We can fix healthcare without creating unnecessary burdens on small businesses, seniors, and upper middle class

PA Independent White 45-64: This administration's financial projections have been particularly and alarmingly wrong, so I have no reason to believe that Medicare spending will be reduced. I provide medical billing services for an independent anesthesiologist practicing in a rural area. All the new government regulations are making it harder and harder for small/independent practices to stay afloat; medical costs have actually increased significantly since the "Obamacare" infrastructure started getting set up,

VA Independent White 35-44: I currently don't have health insurance. the reason being is I can not afford it. I make to much money to qualify for Medicare, but I can't afford regualr health insurance on my pay check, so how am I going to afford to pay a tax penalty?

WI Independent White 35-44: I think that reform is needed but Obamacare is just going to lead to rationing, higher medical expenses, and poorer healthcare for seniors.


OH Democrat White 18-34: Our senior citizens need Medicare and shouldn't have to struggle to get the care they need because obama messed up. It needs changed. The numbers speak for themselves

OH Democrat Black / African American: Obamacare can not work because it is not affordable, the program is not financially sound. And it is not constitutional to make someone purchase healthcare

PA Democrat White 45-64: This law goes way over the line regardless of what the Supreme Court said. It was rammed through without proper consideration. 

PA Democrat Black / African American 18-34: That Obamacare plan is garbage. It is forcing people to get insurance. Some people might can't afford it (especially since they aren't working) or they might not qualify for no to low cost health care insurance (IE: welfare/medical assistance). It's darned if you do and darned if you don't.

VA Democrat White 35-44 Not a huge fan of in-laws have seen their medical costs increase signifcantly this past year


19. In 2009 and 2010, the American people were repeatedly told that “Obamacare” was to improve healthcare. However in a March 25, 2010 press conference, Senator Max Baucus, the Senate Finance Committee Chairman and one of three main shapers of the Obamacare legislation is quoted as revealing,

“This [legislation] is an income shift to help low income Americans…[it] will have the effect of addressing [the] mal-distribution of income in America.”

Do you feel that based on this admission that the real goal was income redistribution, this bill should be legislatively voided, and that a more cost effective, simple and “patient-friendly’ health reform should be enacted?


19.1           Why?



OH Independent Other: The bill shoud be voided because it is unconstitutional. It hasmade physicians fear to practice. It has already raised prices for medical services. It removesprivacy. It removeschoices. It does not allow for real science to guide it.

PA Independent White 35-44: Because small employers are going to take the hit and pay the penalty and stop offering health insurance and workers like myself are going to be forced to find health insurance in the exchanges that will cost more money than they did when offered by our employers, and we won't be eligible for the tax breaks

PA Independent White 45-64: I don't like government-sponsored social engineering: it inevitably produces unintended consequences. I also do not care for excessive government regulation and interference. I think it typically promotes feelings of helplessness and/or dependence - both of which have devastating effects on mental health and, consequently, the "morale" of the nation.

VA Independent White 18-34: It seems to me that Mr. Obama's plan is to play Robin Hood. You can't take form the rich to give to the poor. It doesn't work. The opportunity to work hard and become rich must be the incentive. I am a mother of 4 and my husband works two jobs and still only makes under 30k a I am being taxed for not having insurance. How does this help me?

VA Independent White 35-44: Because America is NOT a socialist nation and it isn't the job of a few to provide benefits for all. In this country we all have the opportunity to be educated, get a job and shape our own lives. A person's birth does not entitle them to anything but the freedom to try.


OH Democrat White 45-64: There have been poor people since the dawn of man. We can't fix that. This law, in practice, will not help those who cannot afford health care. I am not brilliant, but even I can see that it is ludicrous.

PA Democrat White 18-34: I was supporting this healthcare plan until I found out more details. Forcing people to have insurance is not fair at all. This bill should be rewritten, more simple, and without all the extra crap.

PA Democrat White 35-44: Their is a lot of waste to the low income programs and most of the time the honest and hard working can't even get the help they need from it. I know from first hand. I am on disabilty a single mother with cancer, but I make to much to get anyhelp.

PA Democrat White 35-44: I am low income and this law sucks it don't help me at all, I have no medical and wellfare won't help.

VA Democrat White 18-34: The bill was passed in such a manner that we didn't know what it said or what the true cost of the bill was.


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