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10. Would Obama’s proposed policy of a radical cut in America’s nuclear deterrent concern you even more if the President, after a potential reelection, did use his executive power alone to actually pursue such a substantive cut of our nuclear deterrent by 80%?

10.1. And why do you think that?


FL Independent White 45-64: I don't trust him, especially after comments caught off-mic earlier this year to the Medydev(sp). An unfettered Obama is a dangerous thing for this country.

OH Independent White 35-44: Military cutbacks make the US vulnerable. Decreasing weapons beyond other countries willingness to do so to the same degree is naive and our current president should not be trusted alone to make decisions for this country's security today or tomorrow.

OH Independent Other: If we are unable to defend ourselves physically we will be invaded. President Obama has already shown Americans to have little resolve by prostrating himself before foreign kings and heads of state and apologizing for America when he has no business doing so. Americn's themselves are open to attack because political correctness has created an atmosphere of fear for any who may dare speak their minds.

PA Independent Hispanic 18-34: Because he is a moron and dosent know anything about leading a country

VA Independent White 35-44: The President has already demonstrated his U.S. contempt by reducing our military forces, weakening our diplomatic relationships and even apologizing to other countries for our collective behaviors (while fighting on their behalf) – I cannot even imagine what else he might accomplish to our country's detriment given four more years at the head of our government. I am absolutely concerned!

VA Independent Black /African American 35-44: If our nuclear weapons usage is decreased by 80%, we are making vulnerable decisions with Russia. He has got to do better than that! This survey has certainly opened my eyes!


FL Democrat Black /African American 45-64: for me it weaken us and put us at the mercy of another country. It leaves us unprepared in case of an attack. It makes us more vunerable defensively.

OH Democrat White 18-34: I have always been on barrack obamas team but was unaware of this issue. Why would he reduce ours by 80%?! Very frightening thought

OH Democrat White 18-34: I would seriously be wondering about Pres. Obama's agenda given that he is the President of the United States and his mission/job is to protect America

PA Democrat Hispanic 45-64: Why are we giving those the upper hand? I am for Obama but we should not, by all means, become meek to other countries. We need our military and by cutting them back, I say, "What the Hell"! We should be more advanced than China and/or Russia.

WI Democrat White 45-64: Appearances are everything to other countries. America needs to keep it's image positive and strong. By adopting this policy our reputation as a major player would be tarnished.

11. In this regard:  At a nuclear security summit in March, President Obama was overheard telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility…” which was meant to address Russia’s goals and wishes regarding the US missile defense systems. Is that statement concerning to you?

11.1. Why is this concerning to you?

FL Independent White 18-34: It seems that the statement was made to inform the Russian president that he plans to use his power provided he is reelected to go along with the plan.

Almost like obama has use the last 4 years to gain our trust, just to betray it.

OH Independent White 45-64: Again, he is presumptuous and arrogant. If he's making statements like that now, what is he doing behind closed doors other than taking away our rights as americans.

OH Independent White 45-64: flexability to do what? My ignorance overwhelms me at this moment. I had better take the time to search out my own answers on this issue. Talk about ignorant bliss, that is probably how most americans live day by day. We the people to to get involved now!!!

OH Independent Black / African American 45-64: It makes you wonder, what kind of deal is he trying to cut and is he selling us out??????

VA Independent White 18-34: It is scary to think what his policies would look like "without restraints"

VA Independent Other 18-34: This statement is a fruit of what lies on Mr. Obama's heart. in that he only thinks of the people of America when it comes to an election, and that after having his last election he can move freely to do all that he knows the people of this nation do not want.


FL Democrat White 18-34: This is a terrible statement! I have never heard of this

FL Democrat White 45-64: It is an election year and he'll do whatever is necessary to get elected, and then act on his covert goals once in office.

OH Democrat White 18-34: Because it appears the President has a hidden agenda. Also indicates dishonesty which doesn't sit well with me. In addition, I would want to know what the purpose/benefit of agreements with Russia would bring to the US. As I don't feel there are any.

PA Democrat White 18-34: Makes our President look like he is trying to help out Russia more than our own country.

PA Democrat White 45-64: i voted for mr obama..but not completely sure i trust him

PA Democrat White 45-64: I don't trust him. I feel he doesn't think before he speaks. Sometimes you have to go with your gut and my gut says he's going to put us in a hole and throw the first shovel of dirt.


14.  Even if the likelihood of an EMP attack were to be low at the present time – do you think that the United States should provide for America’s maximum preventive protections by significantly increasing our missile defense shield against such attacks from adversary nations?


14.1. Why?


PA Independent White 35-44: if you know of something like this could occur, do something about it now don’t wait for it to happen. Be prepared…

OH Independent Other: Should the situation you describe occur, the entire nation would experience the lawlessness and looting that we witnessed in the wake of the Katrina hurricane in New Orleans. Only there would be no superdome, no Houston to take refugees. There would be no neighboring states to send relief. It would be every man for himself, every family for itself. No reprecussions, no judge and jury but God. 

VA Independent White 18-34: If we had no electricity, internet, computers it would be a national disaster. We would have no food, water, no way to heat and cool our homes, no way to communicate with friends and family

VA Independent White 18-34: Modern-day America would not survive an EMP attack. Perhaps sixty years ago, but not today. We are a interdependent nation. Most citizens do not know how to provide for themselves without obtaining their food from a store and relying on infrastructure for water, power, etc. Most have no food storage built up in case of emergency and lack basic lifesaving skills.

VA Independent White 45-64: A successful EMP would result in the death of tens of millions of Americans in a matter of months.



FL Democrat White 45-64: an attack like that would effectively end the US as it is now and would take years if not centuries to get it back

OH Democrat White 45-64: we would be basically back in the stone age without our computers and communications

PA Democrat White 18-34: Because it is better to be prepared for an event that may never occur rather than not being prepared and losing many lives when it happens.

PA Democrat White 45-64: We need to not only appear strong, but be strong. We are all in fear, give us something to ease our minds. Give us a new president.

VA Democrat White 18-34: We should always be one step ahead of our enemies, you never know what they might be planning.

WI Democrat White 18-34: The U.S. should be prepared for an type of attack. We are supposed to be the promised land, and the people here should be kept safe, and not have to worry about if are military defenses are going to fail us.

WI Democrat Black / African American 18-34: I am raising a son and I always want to know no matter where he is in this country, he is safe. 


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