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17. In normal times, small businesses in America provide half the country’s jobs.  Yet, the Small Business Administration recently found that escalating government regulations are costing American businesses $1.75 trillion per year and most critically are costing small businesses (those with fewer than 20 workers) $10,585 per employee. Do you think excessive government regulations imposed in the last three to four years should be cut to levels which do not erode the incentive of business persons to (a) start new businesses or (b) expand existing businesses?


17.1     Why?



FL Independent White 45-64: They are a boot on the neck of business, and are one of the reasons for causing the current double-dip recession we are experiencing. Small businesses are hesitant to grow, hire more workers, etc., because of the cost of implementing such regulations.

Independent White 45-64: Government is too big and controlling. I am a former small business owner. It became impossible to comply with every ordinance passed by everyone from the feds down to the local fire inspector. It became impossible (financially) to run a business.

OH Independent White 18-34: I work for a small business and am personally impacted by this issue. Starting a new business requires so much red tape it is ridiculous. Government requirements make it nearly impossible for small businesses to meet these requirements while still meeting payroll and providing all of the other things that a business needs to operate. The new health care law is going to make it even worse and will probably force many companies out

PA Independent Other 45-64: because they are killing small business, which seems to be what they want to do. Why does the government always pick on the small guy, when small businesses are a big part of the economy. Why destroy them??????

PA Independent White 18-34: The small businesses of America are the heart of America and ultimatly the American dream where it is possible for anyone to own a small business, unlike other countries, but with recent regulations extra texations it has been nearly impossible for small businesses to survive. We must do something about it.

VA Independent Black / African American 35-44: Yes, because I plan to have a small business one day!


OH Democrat White 35-44: we r supposed to b the land of opportunity so where the hell is it

OH Democrat White 35-44: how is America supposed to get better if small businesses keep going under because of all the regulations

PA Democrat White 18-34: this makes me ANGRY! our country started on these small businesses, is being sustained by these small businesses, and will thrive on these small businesses. our government should be protecting them and helping them.

PA Democrat Other 35-44: Because we need jobs in this country period. Start going after those especially government agencies who are wasteful beyond excessive in every way! Period!!

WI Democrat White 18-34: Small businesses were what America was founded on. We don't want to see everything so impersonal and big box stores. My father had to close his business because of the economy and there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't miss being his own boss. 

WI Democrat Black / African American 18-34: small business are getting riped off andthat is not right.


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