Social Security needs reformed

I will be talking about Social Security and its public policy problems. Social Security is a huge Public Policy problem in the United States today. The reason I say this is because people in congress and the president have not brought forth any solution to this broken system. Millions of Americans all over the US receive social security and depend on it to live their lives. Instead Congress and the president fixing the problem they are just making it worse by continuing to spend more, if they continue this spending then social security will be insolvent when I go to retire.   Here are some ways to fix it first we must stop giving people who have not worked a job and we shouldn’t be given it to people who do not have a valid disability.  We should make social security private and it should only be given to those individuals who are disabled or who are retired or retiring. Also we must protect social security’s funds from wasteful spending by congress and the president. The second way to fix the social security system is to stop giving former CEO’S and people with pension’s social security why should they be given extra money when they already receive some form of pension or 401k. The third way to fix social security is we must raise the retirement age to 68 and gradually raise it to 70, there are still seniors who want to work and should be able to work without being forced to retire at 65. The fourth step is we must implement chained CPI and we must stop giving Cost of Living Adjustments until we get the social security funding back to a surplus. If the government implements these steps I can guarantee you social security will be fully funded and it will be fiscally responsible program.  If the democrats and the president continue to push their agenda of not reforming entitlements then our next generation will feel the wrath of a broken entitlement system.  

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Do you have any peer reviewed documentation to support your allegations? One solution: raise the max that high earners put in to the system.
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