Illegal Immigration Americas Major Problem

Right now in America we have a huge problem with Illegal Immigration. Are borders are not secure. We are giving illegal immigrant children a free ride with this new executive order that President Obama signed. Why should those kids be given a free ride to stay here when they broke the laws.i do not support any kind of amnesty. If you break our laws you need to be deported back to your country of origin. So many states spend billions of dollars a year on catering to the illegal immigrants why dont states use that money to boost their government and help the people of their state find jobs.  For example California spend 22.5 billion a year on illegal immigration.  I am going to lay out a broad plan on how to deal with this crisis.

1. We need 40,000 national guard troops deployed to the Mexico border to secure it. We need unmanned drones to help find immigrants that escape from border patrol or who are hiding. State governments should

2. We must boost the E-Verify system. We must fine employers hefty amounts for hiring illegal immigrants. We must make English the official language of America. We must revise the 14th amendment of our constitution to if a child is born here to one parent of whom is a US  citizen than that child is a US citizen.

3. We must ban Illegal immigrant from recieving any kind of Public Assistance from the state where they reside. Public Asssistance is only given to American citizens and the only reason the illegal immigrants get it is because their children our born here. By banning them it will save states billions of dollars a year. Give employers who hire illegal immigrants a tax break if they hire Americans to do those jobs. 

So this is my plan that i have put forth to solve our illegal immigration problem. I hope everyone comments on it.

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I agree with you Kevin. I also think we not only need to boost the amount of border patrol agents, but we need to build an actual border. Our current border is a complete joke, it is a broken, rusty chain link fence. We need a reinforced concrete wall 15+ feet tall. And stretch it across the entire border. Yeah it would cost a lot of money, but it would create hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs over many years, and if we stopped spending so much money on Obamacare and other pointless and unconstitutional laws, we would have the money to pay for it. I don’t support any form of amnesty. Especially not anchor babies. If you were born in the US, and your parents are illegal, you all get deported back to the parent’s country of origin. If there is none on record, send them anywhere, and if that country has a problem with it they can tell it to the United States military. LEGAL immigration is the only kind of immigration. Yeah it takes a while to become a citizen, but that’s the price you pay. Wait in line and don’t cheat your way in. We also need to do something more then just deport them, the second we throw them over (after theyve sat in a jail for months soaking up tax dollars) they just come right back over. We something that will keep them out for good. I won’t get into drug trafficking because that will go on for hours, but that is costing us billions of dollars a year as well.
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