Conservatives stay strong.

As conservatives we must keep fighting for what we believe in.  We need to broaden our base of supporters. I am a young conservative and i believe we need to educate young college kids on our ideals, most young college kids right now our liberal, we need to change that status quo.If we show young people that we are all about pro-growth and pro-jobs they will support our ideals. If our base grows we can silence the political unjust of the Liberals and establishment Republicans.

Right now our base is constantly being attacked by the Liberal Media because of our opposition to amnesty, Obamacare and other issues.  Liberal and Establishment Republicans believe that illegal immigrants make America stronger. I believe immigrants  make America stronger and smarter.Conservatives must prove to Liberals and establishment Republicans that immigration reform needs to occur but without rewarding illegal aliens. There is a distinct difference between immigrants and illegal aliens. Most immigrants come to America on green cards, student visas or work visas they spend thousands of dollars to come here the legal way. Illegal aliens come to America to live off of our government and to commit crimes. We can reform our immigration system but we need to do it in  way that will not cost American tax payers their jobs or taxes. If we want to give immigrants legal status we need to give those who are waiting patiently for visas or green cards first dibs. I believe for those illegal immigrants who are here working they need to be given work visas to stay here legally.  But before we put forth ideas on how to reform our broken immigration system we need to prove to the liberals and establishment Republicans that our border is porous and that we need to secure our border first.

As Conservatives we can continue to oppose Obamacare but the American people want to see a better solution. Obamacare is disastrous  it gives the federal government too much power. It forces good doctors to lower their prices and standards for everyone. It  basically cripples doctors. It also over populates and cripples our hospitals.It forces hardworking Americans to purchase healthcare or pay a fine,this is absurd. As Conservatives we need to offer healthcare that protects patients from negligent Doctors. We need a healthcare plan that is cost efficient for middle class Americans. We need healthcare plans that can compete to offer the lowest premium for the consumer.

Most of these can ideas can be pursued if we elect leaders who resemble Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Steve King and other conservative patriots. Establishment Republicans have ran their course its time we end the era of the John McCain's and Orrin Hatch's. Establishment Republicans like John Mccain and Orrin Hatch like to help liberals increase taxes and increase the federal governments authority. These disastrous policies are what cripple our economy.

In closing, sorry for the long detailed post but i am very passionate about politics. I am a conservative through and through. Here is a  little bio about myself. When i was 18 i registered as a Democrat because of peer pressure. My father is a staunch Democrat. As i got older i researched both parties and i took class in college that was political ideology. When i looked at both parties i said to myself why am i a Democrat i side with Republicans on most issues. I consider myself a fiscal and social conservative. I hope to run day run for Congress and show the American people my ideas. I would like to thank Patriot Voices for allowing me to express my ideas. May god bless our troops and their families. May god bless these United States Of America.

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