Thank you for asking me to share with you my American Dream. It would start out with, seeing all of my children and in-laws with full-time jobs so that they can continue to support their families as they have in the past years. They are all looking for employment, but from a factory worker to an attorney, they are finding absolutely nothing. Even the attorney is finding that there are a great number of "seasoned" attorneys looking for work and willing to take lesser wages, and relocate just to be employed. Also, most all of the factories around our area are all closed, and we have such an influx of mexicans in our city that even entry level jobs that high school students usually go after are taken by the illegal population. I would only wish for jobs for my family members as they are people who really do want to work, and as yet have not taken any type of government assistance. 

As far as being able to do anything about the job situation in our country, I call our senators and representatives every week and keep pressing them to bring in new industry, open the pipeline, stop giving all of our benefits to the illegals, support some sort of new business loans or even grants (we give tons of free money to foreigners), and help to get rid of all of the Obama regulations on most everything we manufacture in this country.  It hasn't helped as yet.  But, I do hope that, one day, I can see my whole family prospering and happy once again. 

By the way, I live in Illinois, so you know how much my opinion counts. I do keep trying though! 

Thanks again for caring.

(P.S. - Another part of my American Dream would be to rid the White House of the traitor currently living in it. Also, all of his cabinet! Thanks)

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