Converting a Liberal Socialist

First and foremost, I am a proud lifelong Republican who addresses the misconceptions (read untruths) of liberal co-workers, neighbors and my own wife head on rather than looking the other way.  I am as ardent a supporter of our Constitution as was Jefferson and I have quite literally argued our talking points until I lost my voice but I am amazed and occasionally overwhelmed by my 'local liberals.'  Its one thing to have differing social or economic beliefs but its another to defend one's position with falsehoods perpetuated by the left-leaning media.  How does an average joe like myself convince a [brainwashed] liberal that his/her view is flat out wrong when the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC and others continue to spoon-feed them rubbish?  I had marked success in 'converting' one socialist into a free-thinking moderate who now sees through the thinly-veiled lies by which she had once been swayed.  Here's how I did it:

My wife, Marcia, God love her, is Canadian.  Having spent far too much time in her country, I can attest that, unfortunately, our friends to the north are hooked on CNN and Michelle Obama and scoff at the very mention of Bush.  According to many who I've met up there, Bush is the reason our country is in disarray and we were 'saved' by The Anointed One.  As you can imagine, thirty years of socialist values on top of their affinity for American liberal media, had shaped my innocent wife's views.  Well, 2009 rolled around, we were wed and Marcia was introduced to Fox News.  Now I won't lie - the early days, weeks and months of negotiating a single hour of Fox in exchange for 3 of that brain surgeon Chris Matthews were trying.  Over the next few years, as America fell further into the unrecognizable form in which it still finds itself and when Obama's policies hit our family very hard, Marcia's views began to sway.  She began to ask more questions and, perhaps more importantly, was receptive to my answers.  My truthful albeit hard right answers.  Nowadays she peruses friends' Facebook posts and scoffs at their political ignorance.  She watches Hillary Clinton claim that she was 'broke' upon leaving our White House and responds angrily.  Marcia sees clips of Obama playing golf, attending fundraisers and vacationing in Hawaii and actually lectures me as if I campaigned for this guy.  All this from a woman who was a staunch supporter of Hillary just 6 years ago and who used to sternly ask that I ,give Obama a chance.'  I'm not a miracle worker, though; her pro-choice, anti-gun and pro-gay views are unshakeable.

As I arrive at my point in a roundabout way, we cannot change 100% of the liberal minds which we encounter.  We can, however, change 100% of one person's mind, given time, effort, lots of patience and facts.  I have been guilty of dismissing someone as a liberal and waving him/her off in the past but these days I simply ask, "Why are you a Democrat?"  The stuttering, stammering, incoherent answer, if any, that typically emerges from their mouths is nonsensical.  I don't know about you but if someone asks me why I'm a Republican, I can hit a dozen points inside of five seconds.  Many on the left can't even identify what makes them registered Democrats although they all seem united in their belief that Bush was the Devil.  If that's all that's keeping them from taking a moderate, if not right position, can't we make the time to remind them not to worry since he won't be President again?  I jest of course yet I don't believe that its a stretch that these weak-willed people could be prompted to reconsider their position sans Bush. 

So if I was able to convert my beautiful though then-socialist wife, can't you likewise sway a single person in your life?  And then can't they educate one more person....?

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I wish there was actual political position or belief – aside from Fox vs. MSNBC – to respond to here. There isn’t. Hard to dialogue with diatribe.
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