How will Patriot Voices gain Recognition

I have recently been made aware of the Patriot Voices organization by a friend. I believe that what it stands for and the views of Rick Santorum are "right on". However, I would like to know how the organization plans to go about making the changes that our country needs so badly.

We had an opportunity during the last election to voice our feelings through our votes, which is the American way. As far as I'm concerned, the conservative philosophy was badly defeated by the liberal, socialistic philosophy.Since we basically have a two party system (with the Independents voting either way), is it possible for us to form a strong third party - call it the "Liberty Party" that would consist of people like myself who believe in our Constitution, and the passion of our founding forefathers? Does Patriot Voices have the followers and power to do this? Or what will it take? Our Conservative Republican Party has let us down in this past election, leaving many of us with little hope for avoiding a disaster in the country that we love.

My question is how the Patriot Party intends to gain the membership and strength to be a powerful presence in the next elections? The Tea Party did gain recognition, but it failed to provide the necessary impetus to help the Republicans win the Presidential or Senarorial elections. Will Patriot Voices have a strong "lobby" with our Congress?

My second question is where is Patriot Voices going to get the funding to be able to succeed? I was only made aware of the organization by word of mouth - a friend. Will Patriot Voices have the funding to advertise its existence in order to gain membership and strength.

I guess I can sum up my feelings this way. The beliefs of Patriot Voices appeal very much to me. Mr. Santorum is a very motivating voice for these noble causes. But, without a strong presence within our Congress and the funding to build up the organization, I don't see how it can expect to succeed. It seems to me that during this period up until the election of 2016, if Patriot Voices hopes to succeed in its mission, it will need a very active part in the process, not just a membership of believers. Just what is the "plan"? 

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Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your synopsis of what Patriot Voices did in the last campaign. My hope is that they can gain the momentum between now and the 2016 elections to elect a conservative President and Senate. I also hope that they can awaken a Congress that has its lowest rating ever among all of our voters. It’s a sad state of affairs in Washington, DC.

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I’m not on the Patriot Voices staff or anything like that but I will try to answer some of your questions.

Patriot Voices has already been very active in elections. In 2012 they organized “Strikeforce” deployments – deploying Patriot Voices members to Victory Centers in nine critical swing states the weekend before the election to help with crucial GOTV efforts.

As to gaining recognition, Patriot Voices is a grassroots organization and I would guess that the most common way for people to hear about it is by word of mouth. Also Patriot Voices is simply building on the incredible grassroots support that Senator Santorum had in the 2012 Presidential primary – the grassroots supporters that propelled him to his surprise win in Iowa and then continued the momentum as he won 11 swing states, and at the time he suspended his campaign, more counties then all the other candidates combined.

As to the future of the conservative movement, I think a lot of conservatives are beginning to believe the lies in the media and elsewhere that “conservatism is dead.” This is a lie. Santorum’s stunning success in the primary is just one example. I believe that if we continue to work and build a grassroots network as Patriot Voices is doing, we will be able to elect conservative candidates to the US House and Senate and to send one to the White House. Quite frankly, the Republican party has tried nominating a moderate for the last two elections. We all know where that got us. We need a candidate who can excite and energize the conservative grassroots that are the backbone of the Republican Party.
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