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So the article posits Republicans will lose the House because they tried a final step to stop Obamacare, which goal was the reason they swept the elections in 2010.
Many, many 2010 voters abandoned the Republicans in 2012 because the Presidential campaign told them to be silent. I was turned away over the soldiers.
They will be back in 2014.
Meanwhile, there will be Americans who lost their jobs in 2008 who have not worked, or worked beyond trivial part-time work, for six solid, heartbreaking years.
And there will be Twenty-Somethings who were enamored with the President and his Party while in dorm rooms, but who will despise the same from their parents’ homes.
What in the world are the nonworkers living on into five years, let alone into six years as of 2014? How are those poor people surviving?
Poll them.
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