My American Dream

My American dream is for my children and my grandchildren to enjoy the God-given freedom America has been blessed with.  But, unlike today's cultural definition of "freedom" - a freedom that encourages licentiousness and hedonism - my American dream is that our nation will return to the Judeo Christian principles that made it exceptional.  I cannot envision any path back to greatness that does not include a revival, of sorts, of virtue.  And frankly, I do not wish to live in an America that is economically prosperous, but morally bankrupt.  

Here is what I am doing to make this happen: I am writing books for youngsters about American history.  I am talking to parents and grandparents about the dangers our children and grandchildren face if we do not return to virtue.  It must start with us.  We must teach history the way it happened, not the way the left has rewritten it.  We must teach respect for America and our heroes.  We must live a life of virtue ourselves.  And we must keep talking to our children and grandchildren.  Tell them what freedom means to you.  What God has done in your life.  How your faith has helped you overcome struggles.  And tell them that freedom is not licentiousness, the right to do whatever you want to do.  

My American Dream is a return to a great nation where virtue is once again honored and respected.

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Some such info re this nation’s founding is in
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In having my trust of most historical writings severely shattered (including the Bible), I’ve been motivated to reach much deeper and higher for truth… both through inner and outer means… especially to better understand the topics you mention. It’s been both humbling and enlightening, enraging and assuring.
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Thanks, Don, for your post. As a nation, we no longer study original documents. Our schools teach from opinions written about original documents, not the original documents themselves. So, that would be the first step in discerning historical truth. I also believe that in a perfect world, history ought to be studied from the perspective of God working in society over time … being a Christian, it is remarkable to make the study of history a study of God moving in the earth.
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How do you discern historical truth?
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