Lee Zeldin: Candidate for Congress - New York's 1st District

zeldin.jpg"Patriot Voices PAC is pleased to stand with Lee Zeldin.  Not only is he a great American hero, but Lee is the right kind of candidate right now - committed to improving economic opportunities for hardworking Americans, steadfast in wanting to stop ObamaCare, and an advocate for the unborn.  Lee's background in the military and his service in Iraq strengthens his appreciation for the needs and priorities of our Armed Forces.  That understanding will serve him and his constituents well in Congress," Santorum continued.

"As a state senator, Lee fought to roll back burdensome taxes that were crippling small businesses.  He also is committed to fighting for our veterans who have given so much to our nation.  I am confident that in Congress Lee Zeldin will fight to restore the American dream for all families, and Patriot Voices PAC is pleased to support him." 

~Senator Rick Santorum






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