By choosing to support Mitt Romney, a pseudo pro-life candidate for president of the United States in the 2012 election, Rick Santorum disqualified himself in future elections from representing committed pro-life without exceptions voters who believe that our unalienable rights to life, liberty and private property come from our Creator God.

Tom Hoefling, the America's Party candidate for president of the United States was the only committed pro life without exceptions presidential candidate running for that office in 2012. This is why I voted for Tom.

If he chooses to run for president in 2016, Tom Hoefling has earned my vote, not Rick Santorum.                                                                 .

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Dear Shirley, you are sadly mistaken and misled. This is the right site for me to post on because it does represent mainstream RNC. You had a realistic choice not to vote for Barak Obama or Mitt Romney in last November’s election, by voting for Tom Hoefling. Hoefling actually had a mathematical chance to win the presidential election (see ). Romney, by his own admission during the presidential campaign, supported killing of innocent children in cases of rape, incest or the mother’s health, and also as president would have left the legality of killing innocent children to be decided by the Supreme Court first and then to the individual states. Romney, furthermore, as governor of Massachusetts, was instrumental in allowing the legalization of same sex marriage, for the first time ever, in one of the fifty states. Regardless of these known facts about Romney, you and Rick Santorum apparently chose to support and vote for Mitt Romney anyway. Your choice and Rick’s choice was your loss and sadly also our loss, as a nation. When are you going to wake up and stop voting for compromised candidates like Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, who squarely represent the RNC? Are you looking for principles and candidates you are willing to tirelessly defend? Consider May the LORD Jesus Christ richly bless you as you choose to obey Him without compromise. love, larry
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Larry, I could easily say it’s “spoilers” like you, knowing that your vote for someone with zero chance of winning, were willing to serve up your nation on a silver platter to a Marxist dictator in the making. Having to deal with the hand you are dealt is a hard reality. This was the biggest stinker of an election from the GOP primaries to the general election. Calling me and the others “moderates” for supporting Rick Santorum when he had no other realistic choice than to back Romney is beyond absurd. Bishop EW Jackson said " Don’t use your faith as a cover for foolishness." You have NO idea how tirelessly many of us worked to try to carry on Rick’s campaign after he was forced out, but it did NOT work. The forces against us were too big and shut us out. This was not Rick’s fault. We all were served the choice of two bitter pills, one immensely worse than the other. The stark reality was that NO other candidate even showed up as a blip on the radar. Barely a smidgeon of voters had even heard of your candidate. That is reality. I fully support Rick Santorum should he run again. Endorsing and voting for Romney does not make one just like Romney. You made your choice; so did we. I won’t label you the aforementioned “spoiler” since I believe you voted your conscience. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I and others didn’t do the same. If you’re looking for moderates to taunt, I suggest you visit the RNC website. You are definitely posting on the wrong site to do that. I wish you well. God bless~
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Dear John, Shirley, Peter Q., Peter B. and Doug, Thank you for your comments. It’s because of “moderate conservatives” like you, who are willing to compromise with liberal democrats on our God-given, unalienable, constitutional equal rights, that we as a nation are in the current mess we are in, headed for national collapse. The killing of even one innocent life is unacceptable to God and to every faithful follower of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!
I cannot in good conscience support any of Rick Santorum’s agenda or money making schemes until he repents, publicly acknowledges his compromise and fully upholds, without compromise, the principles set forth by our Founding Fathers. That is, until he defends without exceptions our God-given, unalienable, equal rights to life, liberty, and property, one man-one woman marriage and the natural family, our right to keep and bear arms, our national sovereignty, security and borders, our republican form of representative self-government, and our Constitution. Rights which Mitt Romney sought to destroy when he held office as a public servant and would have destroyed, despite his campaign rhetoric, had he been elected president of the United States. love, larry
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Unfortunately, in this election, when we needed every vote to overcome the rampant fraud, too many people either voted with their heart or just didn’t vote at all, thus clinching the deal for O-zero.
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Shirley Widlacki, you absolutely correct.
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Larry; John Mac is right on target … With Conservatives like you, we might as well give the country to the Libs?! I’ve met Rick personally on many occasions and, as a military officer with 25 yrs service and three combat tours, I can vouch for his impectable integrity and unwavering principles. If you want to know what Rick truly believes, read his book “It takes a Family … a Case for Conservatism”. It was a counter argument to Hillary Clinton and the whole “It takes a village” Democratic Party. God bless the USA!
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I don’t base my support for any candidate on whom they may have endorsed or for whom they voted. I vote for the candidate himself, who He is, what He believes, what He stands for and what HE stands against, what HE has accomplished, HIS personal and professional character, HIS worldview, and HIS vision for this country. Rick Santorum has and still does meet all those qualifications, and his eventual endorsement of Romney has no effect whatsoever on my support for him. Rick Santorum 2016!
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So by voting for Tom, you didn’t vote for Mitt Romney, which means you voted for Obama, which means you voted for a pro-choice president….nice job, probably should have thought that one through first before you threw away your vote. Now instead of taking a moderate pro life president, you took a die hard pro choice president.
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