September 30th, 2013

My Fellow American Patriots.

Today, we face a turning point in our history. No matter what happens on the floors of Congress or in the White House, our world is about to change. We have some important decisions to make today. Do we stand up, lift our voices in prayer and protest, or do we let everything generations of Americans have fought for. Tomorrow, we will all lose, one way or another, but we have to decide how to fight back and win our country and rights back from those who have taken them.

I have written more and enclose the link here.

Thank you, Fellow Patriots.

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I read the link. I also read the one post on your background and how it, almost lyrically, included the repeated sign of a specific church’s name. That sign is something to hold onto.

Thank you for urging us to fight, and to not just accede to what the government is doing under this Administration. Thank you for that courage.

I wish we had more days when the Administration stood challenged like it was before shutdown. We don’t have many days like that. You wrote powerfully about that one day. Isn’t it sad it took months for Senator Cruz and his few allies to gain the right to force that stand? We need more days when the world watches this Administration and its Senate forced to justify its demands for more power.
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