Never turn your back on a friend.

President Obama has made so many mistakes in office, but what I think will go down as his 2nd biggest mistake is when he turned his back on our best friend in the Middle East, Egypt's President Mubarak and gave all indications that he was fine with the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi gaining power.  Why was this decision so bad?  First, we completely lost the trust of the Egyptian people!  But also, the Saudi's (our 3rd best friend in the Middle East) realized that they can't trust President Obama (and hence the USA) to be there if Islamists begin civil conflict in Saudi Arabia.  Now the Saudis can't trust the USA even if a Republican was the next President.  This was confirmed by Republicans McCain, Graham, Paul, and now Corker as they seem to back the Muslim Brotherhood.  So while many in the Senate and Congress want to say how bad the Egypt military is for following the will of their people in getting the Muslim Brotherhood out of power, one of our remaining friends in the region, Saudi Arabia completely backs Egypt's military.    I hope we not going to turn our back against one of remaining friends in the Middle East.   

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Sorry but you are deeply mistaken.
1-Morsey was elected by a 52% majority and the first president in Egypt to be elected by a free and fair election and you think those millions of voters just disappeared into thin air or changed their minds enmasse in a year. Well let me remind you that Bush’s popularity fell to 20%, did you call for his removal?
2-The Military is killing Egyptians on the streets for protesting!!! I have friends who got shot at, who carried dead people killed by the police and Military.
3-Saudi Arabia as a friend, well then kiss democracy goody bye! Yes your friend is the most undemocratic nation on Earth.
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