Join a Sign Wave Near You!




Click here for photos of sign waves across the country.  Email us yours and we'll add them!  


Sign Waves are fun and a great way to show support for our candidates! Check below to see if there's one near you planned for this Saturday, October 27th!  If you want to join in, please contact the event organizer.  

Don't see one in your community? Email us for details on how to organize one of your own 



East Limestone: Capshaw Rd & E Limestone Rd; 2-3 PM CT; Organizer: Barbara Mahan- click here to contact

Mobile: Airport Rd & Schillinger Rd; Time: 2-3 PM CT; Organizer: Marci Allen- click here to contact 


Phoenix: Corner of 7th St & Southern; 10-11 AM MT; Organizer: Cheryl Rosado- click here to contact  


North Little Rock: William F. Laman Library at 2801 Orange Street; 11 AM - 1 PM ET; Organizer: Chris Biagi - click here to contact


Chino: Central & Philadelphia; 10:30-11:30 AM PT; Organizer:Kim DuBois- click here to contact

Citrus Heights: Auburn & Greenback; 1-2 PM PT; Organizer: Teri Vilanueva - click here to contact

Hesperia: Escondido Ave & Main St; 11 AM-1 PM PT; Organizer:Sal Briones- click here to contact 

Merced: "M" St and Olive Ave; 4-6 PM PT; Organizer:Richard Koury- click here to contact 

Mission Viejo: Santa Margarita & Los Alisos Streets; 2-3 PM PT; Organizer:Tais Pacheco- click here to contact

Santee:  Mission Gorge Rd & Cuyumaca St; 10-11:30 AM PT; Organizers: Vicki Herrman & Dennis Malone- click here to contact Vicki or Dennis

Vallejo:  Georgia St & Sonoma St; 10 AM-12 PM PT Organizer:Belinda Cortright- click here to contact

West Covina:  Vincent Ave & The Lakes Drive; 10-11 AM PT; Organizer:Rita Carlson- click here to contact 


Centennial:  University Blvd and Arapahoe Road; 10 AM - 12:00 PM MT; Organizer: Theresa Martens- click here to contact 

Chipita Park:  Up the Pass (by Chipita Park Exit); Time: TBD; Organizer: Sue Meals- click here to contact 

Chipita Park:  Down the Pass (North of Manitou - near Cliff Dwellings); Time: TBD; Organizer: Sue Meals- click here to contact 

Colorado Springs:  North Academy & Voyager Pkwy; 12–2 PM MT; Organizer:Leonora Konegen- click here to contact

Colorado Springs:  North Academy & Kelly Johnson; 12–2 PM MT; Organizer: Leonora Konegen- click here to contact

Fountain:  Mesa Ridge Pkwy & Fountain Mesa Rd; 2-4 PM MT; Organizer: Douglas Geist or Sharon Thompson- click here to contact Douglas or Sharon   

Salida: CR 110 & Hwy 50 (Walmart entrance); 10-11 AM MT; Organizer: Esther Newman - click here to contact


Branford:  North Main St (Route 1) & Cedar St; 11 AM-2 PM ET; Organizer: Eleanor Nelson- click here to contact 

Glastonbury: Hebron Av & Main St; 10 AM-12 PM; Organizer: Jon Brink - click here to contact

Shelton: 392 River Road; 10 AM-12 PM; Organizer: Ginny Harger - click here to contact 


Belleview:  Hwy 441 and CR 484; 3-5 PM ET; Organizer: Cindy Lorusso- click here to contact

Casselberry:  215 N. Oxford Rd/Casselberry Library; 1-3 PM ET; Organizer: Darlene Raimondi - click here to contact

Fort Lauderdale:  Federal Hwy & Oakland Park Rd; 1–3 PM ET; Organizer: Sunny Rinker- click here to contact

Lakeland:  South Florida Ave & Highland Dr (Staples); 1-2 PM PM ET; Organizer: Galya Campano- click here to contact 

Plantation: SW corner of Broward & University 12 PM-3 PM ET; Organizer: Bob Knox- click here to contact

Sebastian:  CR 512 & Roseland Rd; 11 AM-1PM ET; Organizer: Steven Hawkins- click here to contact   

Seminole:  Seminole Blvd & Park Blvd; 1-3 PM ET; Organizer: Lisa Black- click here to contact

Titusville:  SR 405 & Grissom Pkwy; 11 AM-1 PM ET; Organizer: Timothy Gutman- click here to contact  

Winter Garden:  Winter Garden Vineland Rd & Stoneybrook West Pkwy Westbound; 10 AM-12 PM ET; Organizer: Brian Empric- click here to contact


Albany - Hwy 19 & Ledo Rd; 10-1 ET; Organizer: Drew Sterling - click here to contact

CalhounWall St & West Line St (near CVS); 10 AM-12 PM ET; Organizer:Loyd Pack- click here to contact 

DuluthBuford Hwy & Hwy 120; 10 AM-12 PM; Organizer:Brittany Lyman- click here to contact 

Hiawassee:  Hwy 75 & Hwy 75 Near McDonald’s; 1-2 PM ET; Organizer: Jim Bane- click here to contact 

Lake ParkLocation:Hwy 41 & Hwy 376; 10 AM-12 PM CT; Organizer:Jimmie Moore- click here to contact  

Newnan: Brookstone Crest & Chapman Oak; 1-2 PM ET; Organizer:Loretta Horton- click here to contact  


AieaKaahumanu St & Moanalua Dr; PLEASE NOTE: THIS EVENT IS NOVEMBER 3RD at 10 AM-12 PM and 2 PM-4 PM HST; Organizer:Victor Wyman- click here to contact   

Keaau:  Opukahaia and Hwy 130 (slightly north of this intersection); 7-9 AM HST and again from 4-6 PM HST; Organizer: Barbara Ferraro - click here to contact

Mililani:  Meheula Parkway & Lanikuhana Ave near Mililani Town Center; 10-11 AM HST; Organizer: Mary Smart - click here to contact


Beardstown:  US 67 & 100; 1-3 PM CT; Organizer:Jack Hefley - click here to contact   

Crystal Lake:  Main St & Rte 14; 12:30 PM-2:30 PM CT; Organizer:John Tims - click here to contact 

Gurnee:  Corner of Grand/Rte 132 & Hunt Club; 2:30-4 PM CT; Organizer:Jackie Larson - click here to contact  

Joliet:   Rt 30 & Raynor Ave & Black Rd/Ruby St; 12 PM-3 PM CT; Organizer:Kim Barron - click here to contact   

Marengo:   511 Lynnann Ct area; 2-3 PM CT; Organizer:Joshua Fitzpatrick - click here to contact   

Morton Grove: Waukegan & Dempster; 3-5PM CT; Organizer: Jeannine Como - click here to contact 

West Union: State Hwy 1 & Union St; 9-10 AM CT; Organizer: Christine Hollowell - click here to contact   


Fort Wayne:  Coliseum Blvd & Clinton St; 11-12 PM ET; Organizer: Brenda Ward - click here to contact   

Lafayette: Five Points - SR 26 and Main Street; 9-11 AM; Organizer: Brian Bokenyi - click here to contact

Mishawaka: 5517 N. Main Street near Douglas Road (near Chickfila); Organizer: Bob Moore - click here to contact

Muncie: Wheeling & McGalliard by Marsh; 1-2 PM ET; Organizer: Emily Ziarko - click here to contact 

New Castle: 1325 Broad Street (In front of Republican Party HQ); 2-2:30 PM ET; Organizer: Angela Moore- click here to contact  

Warsaw:  Center and SR 15 (Detroit St); 4-5 PM ET; Organizers: Shelley Ahlersmeyer and Monica Boyer - click here to contact


Hartley:  Location TBD: 10-11 AM CT; Organizer: Lori Scroggins - click here to contact

Hartley: Central & Hwy 18; 12-2 PM CT; Organizer: Rene Samaniego - click here to contact 

Johnston: Merle Hay Rd & I-80 at the Q-T; 10-11 AM CT; Organizer: Kim Lehman - click here to contact

Manchester: In front of Wal-Mart on SR 13 on East side of road; 10:30-11:30 AM CT; Organizer: Clifford Bunting - to contact, call 563.927.3953

Sheldon:  Northwest corner of Hwy 18 and Hwy 60; 11-12 CT; Organizer: Don Brower - click here to contact


Alexandria: Wildflower & Sugarmill; 1-3 PM ET; Organizer: Ryan Pangburn- click here to contact  

Berea:  Chestnut St & McKinney St; 3–5 PM ET; Organizer: Dylan Gorski- click here to contact 


Flushing: Pierce & Luce; 10 AM-1 PM ET; Organizer: Tim Tamhelm - click here to contact

Jackson:  N West Ave & W Argyle St; 11 AM-12:30 PM ET; Organizer: Peter Baergen-click here to contact   

Sterling Heights:  17 Mile & Van Dyke; 1-3 PM ET; Organizer: Jen Abed-click here to contact 

Troy:  Big Beaver Rd & Rochester Rd (NE corner; near Troy Fountain/Light Park); 12-3 PM ET; Organizer: Glenn Clark-click here to contact 


Eagan:  Yankee Doodle & Pilot Knob; 10-11:30 AM CT; Organizer: Arlene Sheldon- click here to contact   

Elk River:  Hwy 10 & Frontage Rd between BP Gas & YMCA; 10-11 AM CT; Organizer: Kelly Matthews - click here to contact


Brandon:  Spillway Rd & Hugh Ward Pkwy; 10-11 AM CT; Organizer:Rob Rall- click here to contact 


Joplin:   7th & Rangeline; 11:45 AM-1:15 PM CT; Organizer: Jimmy Morris - click here to contact

Sedalia:   Broadway & Winchester (by Wal-Mart); 10-11 AM CT; Organizer: Penny Warner - click here to contact


Las Vegas:  Durango & Robindale; 2-4 PM PT; Organizer: Helen Carlson - click here to contact  

Las Vegas: Tropicana Ave & Fort Apache Rd; 10-12 PM PT; Organizer: Linda Glanister - click here to contact

Las Vegas: West Cheyenne Ave & North Durango Dr by Albertson's; 9:30-10:30 AM PT; Organizer: Susan Weselnick - click here to contact 


Goffstown: Mast Rd & 114; 3-5 PM ET; Organizer: Sarah Koski- click here to contact


Cherry Hill: Rt 38 & Chestnut St; 2-3 PM ET; Organizer: Julie Stevens - click here to contact 

Old Bridge: Texas Rd & Englishtown Rd; 9 AM–12 PM ET; Organizer: Gary Charwin - click here to contact


Albuquerque: Coors & Montano; 10 AM-12 PM MDT; Organizer: Mike Terry - click here to contact 


Binghamton: Front St & Old Front St (Across from Interstate 81S Exit 5); 12-1 PM ET; Organizer: Bridget Vaughan- click here to contact  

Commack:  Northeast corner of Jerich Turnpike (Route 25) and Indian Head Road; 1-2 PM ET; Organizer: Susie Schlomann - click here to contact

Morrisville:  Route 20 & Eaton St; 11 AM-12 PM ET; Organizer: Carol Sykes- click here to contact

Norwich: South Broad & East Main St; 1-2 PM ET; Organizer: Christine Carnrike- click here to contact


Burlington:  University & Boone Station Dr; 10-11 AM ET; Organizer: Lori Bardsley- click here to contact  

Fayetteville:  Cumberland Rd & Ireland Dr; Time TBD; Organizer: Jill Farkas- click here to contact 

Mebane:   Arrowhead Blvd & Mebane Oaks Rd; 1-2 PM ET; Organizer: Julie Emmons- click here to contact  

Sanford:  Bragg and Horner; 4-5 PM ET; Organizer: Carmen Ledford- click here to contact  


Athens:  City Park Dr & East State St; 10 AM-12 PM ET; Organizer: Mary Thomas- click here to contact  

Centerville:   Paragon Rd & Alex-Bell; 11 AM-12 PM ET; Organizer: Richard Moran- click here to contact 

Delphos:  5th Street and 66; 10 AM-2 PM ET; Organizer: Jessica Boop - click here to contact

Loveland:   Wards corner and I 275; 12-1 PM ET; Organizer: Lynda Eisenmann-Whitaker- click here to contact

Mentor on the Lake: Lakeshore Blvd & Andrews Rd; 2–4 PM ET; Organizer: Gayle Pritchard- click here to contact

Parma: Day & Ridge Roads; 5-6 PM ET; Organizers: Rachel Manias and Dale Fellows - click here to contact

Proctorville: County Rd 107 & County Rd 411; 2-5 PM ET; Organizer: Sandy Joseph- click here to contact 

Streetsboro:  Rt 14 & Rt 43; 12-3 PM ET; Organizer: Robin Vilt- click here to contact

Steubenville:  Hollywood Plaza, 117 South; 2-3 PM ET; click here to contact organizer


Owasso: SE Corner of 129th E Ave & 96th St N; 3-4 PM CT; Organizer: Donna Richmond - click here to contact


Beaverton:  Bethany Blvd overpass at Sunset Highway and US 26; 11 AM-1 PM; Organizer: Doug Harms - click here to contact 


Allentown:  Tilghmann St. between Hausman Rd & ramp to 309 South; Time:1:45-3 PM ET; Organizer: Shari Landis- click here to contact  

Bensalem: Street & Knights Rd; 1-2 PM ET; Organizer: Barbara Turner- click here to contact 

Cheswick  Freeport Rd & S Highland Ave; 12-2 PM ET; Organizer: Shawn Fitzgerald- click here to contact  

East Stroudsburg Route 191 and Route 447; 4:30-5:45 PM ET; Organizer: Shari Landis - click here to contact  

Gettysburg: Baltimore Pike at the Intersection of 97 & 15; 9-11 AM ET; Organizer: Chad Collie - click here to contact 

Hershey: Old Laudermilch Rd & St Rd 743; 1-2 PM ET; Organizer: John Andrey - click here to contact 

Martinsburg: Martinsburg Pizza; 12:30-1:30 PM ET; Organizer: Stacey Kinsinger- click here to contact

Newtown Square Rt 3 (Westchester Pike) & 252 (bank side); Time: 11:30 AM–1:00 PM ET; Organizer: Adrienne Cordova - click here to contact  

North Wales: Corner of Stump Rd & County Line Rd; 10:30-11:30 AM ET; Organizer: Sandy Reeb- click here to contact 

Titusville: South Martin St & East Spring St; Time: 10 AM – 12 PM ET; Organizer: Susan Carl - click here to contact

Warminster:  Street and York; 12-1:30 PM ET; Organizer: Kathy Bradley - click here to contact

Yardley: Overlook Rd. and Emerald Dr.; 2-3 PM ET; Organizer: Derrick Warren- click here to contact


Pawtucket: Mineral Spring Ave & Lonsdale Ave; PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT IS ON OCTOBER 28TH at 3-4 PM ET; Organizer: Jim Porter- click here to contact 


Aiken: Whiskey Rd & Eastgate Dr; 1-2 PM ET; Organizer: Caroline Kuhn- click here to contact  

Charleston: 4952 Centre Point Dr, Suite 110 (Charleston Co GOP Office); 9 AM-6 PM ET; Organizer: Lin Bennett - click here to contact

Charlotte:  Kenilworth & East Morehead; 10 AM-12 PM ET: Organizer: Renee Woodberry - click here to contact

Greenville:  Location: Corner of Hwy 123 & Washington St; Time:10 AM – 12 PM ET; Organizer: Magda Aguila- click here to contact 


Franklin:  Main St & 5th Ave; 10 AM – 12 PM; Organizer: Hillary Pate - click here to contact

Knoxville:  Emory Rd & Highway 33; 11 AM-2 PM ET; Organizer: Shane Hollifield - click here to contact  


Nacogdoches: North St & E College St; Time:1–3 PM CT; Organizer: Steve Meng- click here to contact  

Roanoke: Hwy 114 & Trophy Club Dr outside Starbucks in Tom Thumb mini mall; 6 -7 PM CT; Organizer: Jo Johnson- click here to contact


Middlebury: Route 30 & Route 7; Time:5 PM – 6:30 PM ET; Organizer:Thomas Hughes- click here to contact


Arlington: Glebe Rd & Lee Highway; 12-1 PM ET; Organizer: Katie Urban- click here to contact 

Berryville: Route 7 Bypass & 340; 7:30-9:30 AM ET; Organizer: Mark Tate - click here to contact

Bluefield: The town fountain at the corner of Rt 102 & College Ave near Wal-Mart; 12PM – 2 PM ET; Organizer: Dave Cox- click here to contact  

Flatrock: Anderson Highway & Dorset Rd; 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM ET; Organizer: Tim Gresham- click here to contact 

Montclair: Country Club Rd & Rt 234; 3:30 PM-6 PM ET; Organizer: Bob Sholtis- click here to contact 

Orange:   Route 20 & Route 3; Time: 11 AM–1 PM ET; Organizer: Sherrill Lapin- click here to contact 

Roanoke: Orange Ave. & Williamson Rd; 2-3 PM ET; Organizer: Shirley Joslin- click here to contact

Virginia Beach: Bayside & Northampton; 3-4 PM ET; Organizer: Lori Kirlin- click here to contact


Des Moines:  Marine View Dr & S 216th; 10 AM-12 PM PT; Organizer: Bernadette Savino-  click here to contact  

Silverdale: Silverdale Way & Ridgetop; 11 AM-12:20 PM PT; Organizer: Sandy LaCelle- click here to contact 

Spokane: Francis & Nevada; 12–2 PM PT; Organizer: Jodi Moore- click here to contact 

Tacoma: S. 38th St and S. Steele St; 10 AM-12 PM PT; Organizer: Sergey Gurmeza- click here to contact


Blue Mounds: County Highway ID & Mounds Park Rd; 1 PM–3 PM CT; Organizer: Bobbie Winkler - click here to contact

Hudson: Carmichael & Crest View Dr;  10 AM–1 PM CT; Organizer: Elisabeth Friesen - click here to contact  


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commented 2012-11-01 16:14:21 -0400 · Flag
My Sign Wave was so much fun, even though it was freezing in Dallas/Ft. Worth. It was held off 114 and Trophy Club Drive in the Tom Thumb parking lot in front of Starbuck’s. We had about 50 people attend our Rally for ROMNEY/RYAN! We had red, white and blue balloons and hot cocoa and cookies! I wish I could have another one on Saturday, but I was in an accident! Joanne Johnson,
Roanoke, TEXAS
commented 2012-10-28 12:15:53 -0400 · Flag
Our Sign wave in Hartley Iowa was FUN & well recieved. We had a lady drive by real slow, only to returned 1/2 hr later with her friend. She told me she went and told her friend “you have to come with me, I want to show you something that will make your heart happy”. These two ladies thanked us over & over again. We love the USA because others love the USA. We continue to pray that we will always have the frreedom to express our love for America. “WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT – LETS GO MITT ROMNEY” We too would like a repeat next weekend.
commented 2012-10-27 13:33:15 -0400 · Flag
Just finished our sign wave in North Wales, PA. Had so much fun and positive response we went for 2 hours instead of 1!! Gonna do it again next weekend!
commented 2012-10-27 10:01:31 -0400 · Flag
Even though I had an accident, I will still be at the Sign Wave (between Dallas & Fort Worth) at 6pm today. My husband is going to drive me to the Tom Thumb srip Mall off Highway 114 and Trophy Club Drive so I will be sitting in front of Starbucks to RALLY