To add an eternal focus to public policy

As Maximus in Gladiator puts it: "What we do in life, echoes in eternity."

Public Policy, in essence, is the tangible representation of a nation’s collective worldview. Our nation, being founded for, among other things, religious freedom makes public policy in the U.S. somewhat unique due to the multiplicity of worldviews represented and structure with which we find ourselves.

While still recognizing the completely interdependent nature of public policy, I believe that we must strive to govern in a nature consistent with the constitution with an eternal focus in every potential area of federal public policy. And we must know its limits. 

Let us refuse to allow an "ends justify the means" mentality to permeate our policy thought process. Let remain stalwart in our commitment to the process because we, being feeble and deeply broken human beings, have no authority nor power to effect ends. That is a job for God Almighty. He is in the business of beginnings and ends. Our lives are but a vapor. 


What am I doing to make this dream happen? I study the Scriptures thoroughly and pray for understanding. I went to law school to learn how the law works and how it's roots inform everything we do. I've interned with members of Congress and assisted in drafting legislation on religious freedom issues. I'm honing my skills in any way possible. 

And as I graduate from law school this May I am looking for my niche to affect a return to a fully integrated American public policy position that honors human dignity and life, and is a bulwark for the family; the fundamental building block of civil society. 



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