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I'm new to the Forum and responded to a post advocating for an amendment to the Constitution that would define marriage as only a union between a man and a woman.  I read the guidelines, which are reasonable.  But the program that polices the Forum's policies deleted from the post that went online the word "sex" from the term "same sex marriage".  Of course, I fear that the word will be deleted from this.  The word is S - E - X; it is not profane; it is, as a verb, the manner by which we procreate and as a noun, another word for gender. This kind of unilateral editing evidences not merely prudishness but, more importantly and disconcertingly, an overweening compulsion to control the manner in which we express ourselves as well as contempt for the intelligence and maturity of the Forum's participants. Though we are not children and should not be treated as such, the Forum's sponsor might take to heart the children's adage about  sticks and stones and words.


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Now I think I understand what happened. One of my posts drew a vicious, profane, sick set of responses from an individual, which did not appear here. I will now assume a safeguarding program emailed the responses to me but did not put them here. I appreciate that protection.
As to your key word being knocked out, please consider it a challenge. If other forum sites use a similar screening program, please develop a word in its place to use in this Forum. I don’t know if that is already being done. I just thought of it trying to respond here. Even if some are being used, have fun with it here. You likely can author a good one – a Forum-ready replacement for the word being barred. You can be like the screenwriters for Firefly and Battlestar Gallactica by inventing a corruption of a current word (the one you tried to use) which is close enough for people to know what you mean while your corrupted version is clean to use.
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Since this post was published, I would say that you’ve made your point. It’s sad to have political correctness invade our lives. But we don’t speak or write in a vacuum. Gender is the new word for sex. (Is that how your earlier posts were edited?) Using this word is a small price to pay for the opportunity to reach new readers, without undermining our principles.
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