The assault on the 2nd amendment

  1st,  it is ridiculous that even some members in Congress don't even know the differences between A assault weapon or semi automatic yet alone A magazine or A clip . They use scare tactic and children to pull at our emotions to further their agendas .

  The opponents of gun rights will throw out who needs  a 30 round clip or why would you need A AR-15 to shoot A turkey or A deer. They say that buying A gun is as easy is buying A loaf of bread .When The 2nd Amendment gives us the Right to keep & bear arms against A Tyrannical Government .

   No body wants A Felon /bad guy to have A weapon but there are other ways  for the criminals thugs  to find them. Instead of Universal Background checks how about mandatory training or A test if you want A gun .We make you go trough A written and driving test for A car . .

  Now they, so it seems ,what to categorize everyone who possesses one as mentally unfit .  If your on panic attack meds or depression or several other or A returning military person  that have PTSD .

    We easy forget the Stalin and Hitler confiscated their peoples guns and how did that turn out  ? The Peoples Right to defend ones self is A natural right  and should not be infringed .

 A added note : a less trained / experienced person doesn't need A assault weapon to start out on and also be responsible and search out some good training and by all means know your gun that your going to use .

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As the Bombing at the Boston Marathon is thrust open us .I wonder if Senator Toomey and his fellows will work to BAN Things like IED’s , Student Visas, Saudi Nationals , bombs or Act of Terrors. Someone with A sick heart will find A way to harm, injury and Kill . No Law , Ban or restriction will prevent it .
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Please fight the assault on the Second Amendment by calling your Senators and asking them to oppose the Schumer-Toomey-Manchin gun control bill:
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They realized that although civil laws attempted to regulate and restrain outward behavioral , those laws could not address the heart, the actual source of violence and crime. According to Constitution signer Abraham Baldwin, this influence over the heart was “an influence beyond the reach of laws and punishment and can be claimed only by religion and education .”
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