Jean Johannigman

Laura Ingrahm just made another right on observation.   she said: "the republican elites lead us down the path of the fairy tale of moderation".

She couldn't be more right!  Start a third party , united with the Tea Party that is totally right.  Get Sarah Palin to lead the party.....and run Rick Santorum  with ....I said Paul Ryan ...but it could be Adam West,  or Bobby Jindal.....  be creative.  what is being done is not working.  Our Constitution and our country as we have known it is in jeopardy.


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Diminishing the social/moral plank by party strategists only disguised the great cultural divide in the eyes of party aristocrats. There was little left to appeal to we masses who tread the divide daily. Now, they propose a “short list”, with more disguises. Rick, Sarah, we need youl
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