The protastant clergy were able to put pressure on KFK election because he was Catholic (a Christian)  Pope fear  As a Catholic i understand the the Mormons are not Christian at least according to the Catholic Church.

Catholic belief as I read it
"The Roman Catholic church does not consider Mormons to be Christians. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a statement in 2001 that declared Mormon baptisms to be invalid Christian baptisms. The statement was written under the papacy of John Paul II and was signed by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the current pope"
Why does Rick Santorum do nothing about this.  After all he is a Catholic  or is he also a hipprocrate
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Rick Santorum Called Mormonism ‘Dangerous Cult’ In Minds Of ‘Some Christians’
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Joe; Your train of thought is not correct … Let me help you understanding The Catholic Church’s respect for religious freedom is not a “blank check of support” any Non-Christian organization. Plus, the Church does not have a political agenda … though they do engage in the political process, this is ISO the evangelising role given to them by Christ himself. As for references to “Catholic women” using birth-control … The Catholic Faith is a lifestyle, not a bumper sticker?! You must live the faith to rightfully call yourself a “Faithful Catholic”. Yes, there are many who claim to be catholic, simply because they went through the motions; i.e. Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, the Kennedys … But no True Practising Catholic would ever embrace the murder of our most vulnerable (The unborn) under the title of “Women’s right”. As for your statement of “women making decisions for women” … remember, it was Margaret Sanger who is credited with starting the Planned Parenthood movement?! Bottomline; the Catholic Church is not perfect and has never claimed to be, but I challenge you and anyone else to reference any organization or institution that is credited with making more good happen or being more right about the important issues then the Catholic Church? Here’s the answer, there is one for the past 2000 yrs! God Bless.
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As I understand your post The Catholic church supports any non Christian, organization that supports the Catholic political agenda. How about Jim Jones Muslim extremists
It appears that you as a male wish to determine the choices of women like contraception.
" There long been data showing that Catholic women are avid users of artificial contraception. The first NSFG survey, which in 1973 was administered only to married women, shows that 66.4 percent of all married Catholic women of child-bearing age at the time used contraception. (Table 17). Among those using birth control, only 8.3 percent relied on rhythm; 2.9 percent relied on withdrawal. (Table 18).

Let women make that decision for women. Stop the secret back room meetings by men determining medical issues for women because they wish to have support of the extremist religious right
It appears that you fit the profile
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Though Mormonism is not a Christian based religion, thus its doctrine and practises are not sanctioned by the Catholic Church, our doctrine and faith teaches us that God gave all of us “Free Will” and thus faithful Catholics are called to respect religious freedom for all. Plus, those that are not against us (HHS Mandate) are for us?!
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