ICYMI: Santorum Stumps for Republicans

Verona, PA - In case you missed it, former Republican presidential candidate, U.S. Senator and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum spent much of last week traveling to Michigan, Mississippi and Alabama to support Republican candidates. This week he heads to South Dakota and Iowa.  Below is a recap of his trip last week:

Montgomery Advertiser: At state rally, Rick Santorum delivers national message

If the Republican Party wants to thrive in the future, former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum said Thursday morning, it has to support the worker as much as the entrepreneur.

"Wages in this country have stagnated in the past eight years, (and) median income has fallen," the Pennsylvania native and former presidential candidate said before a Republican rally in downtown Troy. "The Republican Party has done a lousy job talking to workers in America..."

"People in this country who opted not to vote for (Santorum) obviously made a grievous mistake," [Republican Secretary of State nominee John] Merrill said in introducing the former senator.

Santorum said he was traveling around the country raising money for his Super PAC and for Republican Senate candidates, but also acknowledged that his visit was in part a way to test the waters or build infrastructure for a possible run for the GOP nomination for president in 2016. He has not committed to the race, saying he expected the 2016 presidential cycle to begin later than 2008 and 2012 ones...

Santorum seemed most animated by his economic message, encouraging Republicans to support vocational workers and work against illegal immigration, which he claimed took jobs from native-born workers and held down wages (studies suggest undocumented workers do not compete for the same jobs).  "We can't just be the party of the small business owner," he said. "We have be the party for the worker in the small business."

Bloomberg: Rick Santorum Plunges Head-First Into the Midterms

The surprise 2012 contender's schedule keeps his name in the 2016 conversation.  Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is hitting the media, fundraising and campaign trail in a three-day swing this week, continuing a recent a push that has reinserted the former Pennsylvania senator into the periphery of the 2016 talk.

Santorum, who recently made a stop in Iowa, will drop in on a state Republican field office in Michigan on Tuesday before heading south to Mississippi and Alabama over the next two days for a fundraiser for his political action committee, Patriot Voices, and candidate endorsements. For Santorum, whose surprise 2012 campaign surge for a time put a scare into eventual nominee Mitt Romney, the week's events mark the latest in what has been a steady drum beat of endorsements, speeches and primary state visits.

The moves have sparked stories of a resurgence and have given Santorum the opportunity to lay claim again to the social conservative wing of the party that drove his momentum in 2012. He's recently moved heavy into foreign policy, taking some not-so-veiled shots at potential 2016 competitors, all while continuing his push to call out Republicans who may seek to avoid contentious social issues in their campaigns.

The Clarion Ledger: Santorum tests 2016 waters...

Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum on Wednesday was testing the 2016 presidential waters in Mississippi, a state he carried when he ran in the GOP primary in 2012.

"I've been very clear I'm open to running in 2016, and I met with some supporters here today who were very encouraging to me," Santorum said after a breakfast fundraiser in Ridgeland for his Patriot Voices PAC. "We bring something different to the table. National security experience is one such thing. There's no one in the field that's kicking around that has any kind of national security experience ... We have the bona fides that nobody else has. I have a long track record on these issues that has put me on the right side of history..."

Santorum said he's raising money for Patriot Voices to help Republican candidates retake the Senate in the midterm elections. His national tour, which included a recent stop in Iowa and visit to Michigan on Tuesday has also put his name in the GOP 2016 presidential field, which at this point remains crowded with numerous potential contenders.

Detroit News: ...Santorum on campaign trail

... Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who also ran for president in 2012, and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence held an unpublicized faith-based event with [Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn] Land on Tuesday in Troy. Santorum later toured a Michigan Republican Party office in Troy, according to his political action committee, Patriot Voices PAC

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