ICYMI: Santorum CPAC Wrap Up

Verona, PA - In case you missed it, former U.S. Senator, former Republican presidential candidate and current Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last Friday.   Here is a recap of his speech (which you can watch here) and the coverage of it:

In their CPAC Scorecard, Politico lists Santorum as a "Winner:"

"The last man standing against Romney in 2012 is positioning himself to run as the populist alternative to the libertarian Paul and whoever emerges as the establishment favorite.  With 7 percent, he essentially tied Christie after giving a speech aimed squarely at the New Jersey governor's electability pitch. Notably, the only other serious contender directly from the social-conservative wing of the party, 2008 contender Mike Huckabee, registered at just 2 percent in the straw poll...

"Santorum, who has written a new campaign-style book called "Blue Collar Conservatives" that comes out late next month, is becoming much smoother on the stump. The former Pennsylvania senator sounds genuinely more empathetic when he talks about the working class than he did on the trail two years ago."

Also from Politico:

"Santorum spent most of his nearly 20-minute speech decrying Republicans for adopting the left's view of America as divided into classes, saying the Republican message should be one of unification and standing for the most economically vulnerable in society.

"He criticized the 2012 Republican National Convention message of 'we built that,' saying the party spent too much time focused on the "small percentage" of the country that are business owners instead of talking about working Americans."

From USA Today:

"Rick Santorum urged conservatives to quit being defined by Democrats and unite behind a message that eases the fears of working families...'They use the class rhetoric because they're all about dividing,' Santorum said about Democrats. 'Let them divide. Let us unify.'"

From The Washington Times:

"Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum on Thursday delivered some tough love to conservatives and Republicans, telling them that they'd be better served getting their own messaging in order before blasting President Obama.

"Mr. Santorum, the last of 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's Republican rivals, threw a brushback pitch at members of the party he accused of valued winning elections over standing on principle, nominating candidates 'who keep apologizing for the principles they say they believe in.'

"He said he had heard a lot of talk at the ongoing 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) about how Republicans have to win elections in order to implement a conservative agenda, but said that such a mindset hasn't worked out in the last few presidential elections.  'I'm here to see America win,' he said."

From National Review:

"'When the home breaks down, the economy breaks down,' the senator argued, earning repeated waves of applause...He rejected the media's narrative that he won a number of victories in the 2012 primaries because of his stance on social issues - every other candidate, he pointed out, held the same views. Rather, he said, it was his attention to the dignity of working Americans. He criticized the framing of the 2012 Republican convention, which sported the slogan 'we built that' to push back against President Obama's infamous 'you didn't build that' line about small-business owners."

From ABC News: 

Watch this interview from CPAC where Senator Santorum talks about a potential run for president, the future of the Republican Party, his upcoming book Blue Collar Conservatives and more. 

From The Washington Times:

"If Rick Santorum takes another stab at the GOP presidential nomination, the former Pennsylvania Senator will have a powerful, deep-pocketed, ally in his corner.  Foster Friess, the billionaire who backed Mr. Santorum's dark-horse run in 2012, said Friday that he will back Mr. Santorum in the 2016 election.  'He absolutely would be my guy,' Mr. Friess said at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.'"

From Breitbart:

"The speech was a surprising one. It served to distinguish Santorum from the rest of the amorphous pack of Republicans who may or may not resurface in 2016. Santorum might not be holding public office right now or showing up strongly in polls, but he remains the runner-up to Mitt Romney in 2012, and that position always carries weight in the Republican Party. He is also offering voters something no Republican is offering: a sensibility for the proletariat, a soft spot for the poor, and a desire to engage in the economic debate that other Republicans deem 'class warfare.' Santorum might be calling for the abandonment of a 'leftist' language, but he is speaking Democrat in economics, and doing so in a way that makes him unique in the field." 


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commented 2014-03-11 10:48:23 -0400 · Flag
Rick Santorum was engaged and powerful. He speeks from his heart with compassion and conviction. Time to unite and fight the GOOD fight for the “That’s me” party!
commented 2014-03-10 10:31:58 -0400 · Flag
To summarize: Rick Santorum is a powerful speaker who speaks from his heart and reaches out to every American – we need to be united!