ICYMI: Santorum Addresses Terror Threat, National Security and Campaign 2016 on "Meet the Press"

Verona, PA - In case you missed it, former Republican presidential candidate and Patriot Voices Chairman Rick Santorum appeared on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday addressing a number of issues including the current terror threat, the Obama administration confronting radical Islam, and a potential 2016 bid.  Below is a recap of those segments.  

On the current Terror threat (VIDEO): 

Santorum: "I think it's a huge deal, and I think it's really a consequence of the policies of this administration.  You look at Benghazi and what happened there. We had an attack on our embassy.  We've seen really nothing other than cover-ups.  We haven't seen anything from this administration really go after the people who are responsible or the network behind it. 

"I'm sure if you're looking at it from a terrorist perspective, you say here's an administration that's pulling back, that's timid, and the opportunity to go after additional embassies.  This is a direct consequence of what we saw Benghazi and the general program this administration has which is not being aggressive in confronting terrorism.

On the Obama Administration confronting radical Islam (VIDEO): 

Santorum: "What we've seen as an administration that has refused to confront radical Islam, that has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and now you see the consequences of that and what's happened there.  They won't even use the word terror.  They have withdrawn politically from the engagement and fight."

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani agreed with Rick Santorum on the role of America in protecting itself (VIDEO)

Giuliani: "I would agree with Rick [Santorum] and with Governor Christie.   I am on that side of it.  I think we need a strong, robust national security."

On a possible presidential run in 2016 (VIDEO):

David Gregory: "I've spent time with you in Iowa, you had a very successful run there in the Caucuses.  You're heading back there this week to a family summit. You laying the groundwork now for 2016?

Rick Santorum: "I'm open to looking at a presidential race in 2016, but we've got elections in 2014 that we're working on."

Several articles recapped Senator Santorum's appearance on Meet the Press.








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