ICYMI: At Values Voter Summit, Santorum Talks Foreign Policy and Implores Conservatives to Not Be Afraid


Verona, PA - In case you missed it, former presidential candidate, U.S. Senator and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum spoke at the Values Voter Summit last Friday.  You can watch his speech here, and read excerpts of the coverage of his speech below.

Politico: Rick Santorum Returns

Rick Santorum helped drag out the 2012 Republican primary, sending Mitt Romney limping into the general election.  Santorum's lesson: Get in even earlier in 2016.

The iconoclast social conservative is already taking the temperature of potential donors. His big money benefactor, Foster Friess, still adores him. He's headed to Iowa in October to meet with key conservative activists. And he is growing his grass-roots network beyond early primary states.

..Santorum has no apologies. So while the field of social conservatives is expected to be stronger in 2016, the Pennsylvania Republican's early moves could still put him in a better position in the next go-round, setting up the threat of an even bigger problem for establishment Republicans if they don't prepare for another onslaught of outsiders eager to beat up the party's eventual nominee.

"My head is very wrapped around the idea of getting things in line to move forward, but it's a process and you take a step at a time," Santorum said in an interview.

...If Santorum had any doubts about the grass-roots enthusiasm for him, his popularity with the party faithful was on full display at the annual Value Voters Summit on Friday in Washington, D.C. Walking through the massive Omni Shoreham Hotel on his way to radio hits and interviews, he was stopped every few steps to pose for photos with fans or by activists seeking to introduce themselves.

The Hill: Santorum to Values Voter Summit: 'Quit being scared'

Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) told a crowd of religious conservatives to fight harder on the issues most important to them, knocking the GOP establishment for turning tail on gay marriage, abortion and a muscular foreign policy.

"I have never been involved in a race, where you play defense on an issue and yet you put points on the board. And yet that's what we do," he told the crowd to some grunts of assent. "If you look at the current conservative movement, the Republican Party, there are issues we haven't even lost yet, and we're talking about giving up."

Santorum went on in tones that moved from imploring to lecturing, asking the activist crowd to do more to fight on issues some in the GOP establishment have been ducking. Even at the Values Voter Summit, a safe haven for religious conservative activists, there has been much less mention of gay marriage than in past years.

"Do something," he said. "Quit being scared and start being activists and making things happen in America."

...Santorum spent much of his speech warning of the threat of Islamic terrorism - and pointing out how long he's been sounding the alarm bells of threats from the Middle East.

"Yes, there is a very big clash going on right now in the Middle East against a civilization that for 1300 years ... has been in conflict with our civilization," Santorum said, slamming President Obama for recent comments that there is no "clash of civilizations."

The Blaze: Rick Santorum Says He Supports a 'Big and Robust' Government - but Not in a Manner Liberals Likely Endorse

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum told TheBlaze that sometimes "government needs to be big and robust."

Santorum, a likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate, was referring to one crucial area of government - national defense.

The surprising second-place finisher in the 2012 GOP primary to eventual nominee Mitt Romney spoke at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., emphasizing the necessity that the Republican party defend moral issues and support economic freedom and a strong national defense.

But he acknowledged that not all in the GOP agree with him.

"Clearly there are people out there who are trying to advocate for us to take a more limited view of what our role should be internationally, both from the standpoint of our engagement in foreign policy as well as our military strength," Santorum told TheBlaze.

"There is a difference between limited government and small government," he continued. "I believe in limited government. I believe in small government in some areas but I don't believe in small government in every area. There are some areas the government needs to be big and robust and one of them is defense."

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