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The dream posted by edward franz says it very well. I would love to see my grandchildren be able to live in an America that still lives by the Bill of Rights. I also dream of being able to tell children and young people the truth. Right now in our schools they learn revised history and science!

I pray daily to my Savior for our nation. I try to give people that I come in contact with daily hope and any help I can. I sign petitions for conservative causes and learn about candidates so I can vote for those who are pro-life and conservative. I run a children's ministry in our church where I do tell them the truth of the Bible- that they are created and special, that life is precious, and that there is hope through our Savior! I try to be positive and encouraging to folks around me and still keep them informed on important national topics. I don't want folks to get discouraged and give up!

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I have to agree.
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Freedom (and rights) without responsibility is chaos. I see many people justifying hurtful actions with the Bill of Rights (e.g. freedom of speech) without discernment and love. Motivation and morals cannot come from imposed laws and authorities… but from within (e.g. the heart and soul). More info in http://weneedadream.org/independence.htm#appendix
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I’m not surre what you mean, but I wouldn’t mind if you expanded your idea.
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How would you feel about adding a Bill of Responsibilities… to balance and support the Bill of Rights?
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