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Presidential Orders

Why has no one challenged the presidential orders that Obama has signed. He has bypassed The Congress with out a challenge from them.

He has used these orders mor than any president in History.

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How will Patriot Voices gain Recognition

I have recently been made aware of the Patriot Voices organization by a friend. I believe that what it stands for and the views of Rick Santorum are "right on". However, I would like to know how the organization plans to go about making the changes that our country needs so badly.

We had an opportunity during the last election to voice our feelings through our votes, which is the American way. As far as I'm concerned, the conservative philosophy was badly defeated by the liberal, socialistic philosophy.Since we basically have a two party system (with the Independents voting either way), is it possible for us to form a strong third party - call it the "Liberty Party" that would consist of people like myself who believe in our Constitution, and the passion of our founding forefathers? Does Patriot Voices have the followers and power to do this? Or what will it take? Our Conservative Republican Party has let us down in this past election, leaving many of us with little hope for avoiding a disaster in the country that we love.

My question is how the Patriot Party intends to gain the membership and strength to be a powerful presence in the next elections? The Tea Party did gain recognition, but it failed to provide the necessary impetus to help the Republicans win the Presidential or Senarorial elections. Will Patriot Voices have a strong "lobby" with our Congress?

My second question is where is Patriot Voices going to get the funding to be able to succeed? I was only made aware of the organization by word of mouth - a friend. Will Patriot Voices have the funding to advertise its existence in order to gain membership and strength.

I guess I can sum up my feelings this way. The beliefs of Patriot Voices appeal very much to me. Mr. Santorum is a very motivating voice for these noble causes. But, without a strong presence within our Congress and the funding to build up the organization, I don't see how it can expect to succeed. It seems to me that during this period up until the election of 2016, if Patriot Voices hopes to succeed in its mission, it will need a very active part in the process, not just a membership of believers. Just what is the "plan"? 

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Stand With Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby has sued U.S. Health and Human Services over the mandate that requires companies to cover abortion-inducing drugs in employee health care policies.  Hobby Lobby is run by Christians who believe that abortion is wrong.  Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor did not approve an emergency appeal the craft store chain filed to stop enforcement of the HHS mandate against it, and Hobby Lobby could face fines of up to 1.3 million dollars per day for failing to comply with the mandate.

Please join us as we stand with Hobby Lobby and for religious freedom!

Sign the petition at

Learn more at

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Contiguous Palestine

The video posted recently on this site referencing Obama's "contiguous" Palestinian state speech seems to a bit off-base.  It did push me to do a bit of google searching to figure out what he actually said and what everyone else said in response but I ended up finding this news story where Netanhayu also calls for a "contiguous" state (which incidently does not include cutting Israel in half).

Given the fact that Netanyahu was comfortable using this language in April of this year, I don't think conservative websites should continue to assume that Obama meant the statement to mean cutting Israel in half.

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I think there are way too manyabortions. It is awful a mother would abort her own child. We should not have our tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood. They believe in abortion for any reason. They tell people the world is overpopulated and to have no children. Planned Parenthood clinics should not be allowed in our public schools. We should work on eventually getting rid of Planned Parenthood. Many Planned Parenthood clinics are not clean. They violate health codes and sometimes get away with it! As Senator Santorum said ,Planned Parenthood is a poisonous organization. CRMC




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Gun Violence Commission - I nominate Karen Santorum

President Obama said that he wanted to include people from across the political spectrum in VP Biden's gun violence commission.  I nominate Karen Santorum.  I believe that her experience as a mother of eight children, an author of a book about grieving the loss of a child, a nurse with skills in patient advocacy, a lawyer and a gun owner makes her uniquely qualified.  Patriots across America want an advocate for children, patients and the second amendment on Presidents Obama's commission.  I nominate Karen Santorum.


Please consider using social media and calling the White House to nominate Karen.

This is my personal endorsement and does not necessarily reflect the view of Patriot Voices.

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Say no to Salvation Army

I do not support the Salvation Army.  I do not think it is financially responsible.  Please check the percentage of donations that go to "administration".


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Marriage License in Wash. State

On Thurs. Dec. 6, my fiance and I went to our county courthouse in Spokane, Wash., to get our marriage license for our 12-12-12 wedding.  It didn't occur to us that it was the first day that same sex couples in Washington State could get a marriage license.  He and I were the only one-man-one-woman couple there getting our marriage license.  The newly revised form had each of us write our name, address and birthday, and check one of three checkboxes indicating if we were the bride, groom, or "spouse".  Same-sex marriage supporters were there inside the county auditors office. They set up a big table with coffee and cookies, some of which had a toothpick with a small rainbow flag stuck into them.  The people were all smiles and asked, "would you like coffee and a cookie?"  We declined.

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Keep Fighting CPRD

Senate Leadership has announced that the CRPD will be brought up for a vote some time in January.

Please keep fighting this misguided treaty.  Proponents of CRPD will be putting tremendous pressure on the Senators who voted NO and we must continue to expand the army fighting CRPD.

Go to to learn more about what you can do to STOP the CRPD.

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How can we win

It is a fact that cheating at the poles was running rampant.  As long as we have a justice system that refuses to investigate and in some cases compliant the deck is going to be always stacked against conservatives.  Importing voters across borders and voting in more than one state!  I am slowly loosing heart in our election system.  If you play by the rules, you loose.

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