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Oklahoma Tornado!

Would love to hear ssomething from Rick on the tornado.... Romney just out a message out to pray for the victims and to donate to the Red Cross. Where's Rick message?   I voted for you Rick. lol..  Would love to hear some involvment from you on this. Thanks so much.

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Likely 2013 POTUS scenario, based on rapidly evolving current events:

See if you agree.

>>> Obama is impeached and/or declared ineligible (our case comes thru on this).


 >>> Romney is declared ineligible (our case comes thru on this).


 >>> Biden is disqualified as a presidential candidate (our case comes thru on this); as well as recognized as totally complicit in Obama's fraud, by simple deduction.


 >>> A new presidential election is required (rather hastily) (our case comes thru on this).


*** Senator Rick Santorum is the very likely winner, based on:


His 2012 popularity as a presidential candidate, as he outperformed Romney by leaps and bounds (especially if you remove the voter fraud factor), as well as the other candidates; and also due somewhat to the predicament much more of the nation now finally realizes we are in.


He has been the only candidate to be the REAL, reliably faithful conservative, to openly and boldly warn of this current, unfolding web of national and international events, disasters and threats, and to offer all required domestic and international solutions (all of which have been fully vetted as very reasonable, effective and efficient.)


He has a great deal of integrity that naturally shines thru (read as: reliable, credible, super strong work ethic, etc.), not to mention he has been repeatedly described as brilliant by BOTH his peers, and critics, and has a proven track record of success in the Congress like no other today has.


He was also the only Republican presidential candidate to attract international attention by those hoping America would succeed (I dare venture to say.)


He is the only candidate Obama feared, and the liberal far left despise (which he admits he wears as a badge of honor.)


Much, if not all of the above traits were repeatedly revealed during his candidacy across the nation; and he has since continued to maintain a high profile across the nation. Etc., etc.

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Who are the Minorities?

I'm almost forty, and I'm surprised by how our politics don't match our perspectives in this era.  My childhood didn't include slavery or 'spicks'.  In fact, aside from a few cultural differences that can also be found in people from different states, we were all the same.  As a young child in Indiana, I knew one black boy, Chris.  He walked and talked like everyone else in school and I never even remember wondering why he was black.  I was more curious about the entire family that was excessively obese.  When we moved to south Georgia, we moved into an area that was about 80% black.  Again, aside from cultural differences we were the same.  In fact my first friends there were all black.  Later, in South Carolina, we ran into many Mexicans.  Really, the only difference I saw there was that they were bilingual and enjoyed speaking Spanish in front of those of us who couldn't understand them.

I have, on occasion, been the recipient of prejudice.  Did I mention I'm white, (well, some strange Scottish/German/French mix anyway).  Those prejudices seem to have been passed down from prior generations and are few and far between though. 

We have a successfully blended culture, with many mixed race couples.  I think it's time to stop focusing on our differences, and start focusing on our future together.  Minorities are primarily a dead issue now.  Women and blacks own land and vote, as do all the other races in our nation.  We have many races and both sexes in politics.  We've proven that over fifty percent of our nation will vote a black person into our highest political office.

"Minorities" is a dead issue, and should be laid to rest for the health of our nation as a whole.  Illegal immigrants are not minorities, they are criminals that have already proven they believe it's alright to break the law if it's in their best interest.  For the rare occasion that it's actually dangerous for them to go home, grant amnesty.  For the rest of them, strip them of everything they own here and send them back naked.  Everything they earned here belongs to a citizen, not them.  Did they jump the border in Mexico?  Fly them to the southern most part of Mexico and drop them off.  Did they have a child here?  They have a choice, they can leave the child behind to be adopted to a family of citizens, (never to see it again), or they can forsake the citizenship of the child and take it with them.  How in the world did we get to the point that criminals are minorities?  They're not, they're Criminals!

I believe it's possible that Mexico will help us with this endeavor.  Didn't they forsake their Country?  Just ask Mexico to allow us to build an airstrip in one of the most uninhabited parts of the Nation, and then to allow us to fly all of their runaway citizens there.  I would think that Mexico would have a use for criminals.  Perhaps they should give up as many years as they spent here, (but a minimum of one), to help Mexico with their governments financial needs.  They could work in any manual labor capacity for food, shelter and a prison uniform.  I think we could both deter illegal immigration and help Mexico financially all in one sweep.  ;-)

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Winning the Minority Electorate by supporting “The Minorities Education and Training Initiative”

Winning the Minority Electorate by supporting “The Minorities Education and Training Initiative”

 ? Can the Conservative be elected without Support of the Minority Population ?

 The apparent answer for 2012 and future elections is a resounding NO.


How does the conservative reach out to minorities and earn their vote?

Can this conundrum be solved by getting the minorities interested in “The American Dream?”  Is it as simple as putting them to work? Is the answer simply to give minorities a “Taste of The American Dream” by compelling them to be an integral part of the workforce? The minority population can certainly be trained to perform in a position that has decent pay with a chance for advancement. That is “The American Dream,” is it not?

Minorities are leaning “left” because they are under-employed due to their skill level. Proof of that fact is their unemployment rate of up to 39% (1) as compared to college graduates at 3.8% (2). (United States Bureau of Labor Statistics) They need the promise of financial protection that is currently afforded to them allegedly, only by the left.


Launch a program such as “The Minorities Education and Training Initiative” (A name I made up)

I have forwarded this suggestion to all Tea Party conservative electorate in hopes that one of them would draft a bill and put it forward to be passed by the congress.  Dare the Senate oppose a program that will be monumentally beneficial to their constituents? Dare the President oppose a program that will be monumentally beneficial to his constituents?

Passage of the fore mentioned Bill will be a win / win for the conservative as it will instill a “Taste of The American Dream” in the minority population and that dream will compel minorities to abandon the dependency programs that promote Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid and the Unemployment Rolls

Then 50% of the newly empowered minorities will lean Left and 50% will lean Right just as the overall population. This will be a significant gain of support for conservatives, possibly enough to win all three branches of government.

Minorities are primarily God fearing people and are on the Right of most conservative social issues. Gaining their support will provide the backing that conservatives must have in order to promote our conservative values and to restore our government to its basic God fearing constitutional form.

This new initiative (program) needs to be a Non-partisan effort. The Left has not enthusiastically promoted this kind of idea as its success would dramatically reduce the magnitude of their constituent numbers. Our party and our country, the United States of America, will be the ultimate beneficiary. Some lefty will surely sign on.

It is imperative that this Initiative, following is passage, be billed and promoted as a Republican program thus eliminating all claims for credit of its success by the Left.

Finally, there is no end of Educational Programs that are on the books that have proven to be ineffective in this regard. This New Initiative should be designed to encompass many of the existing programs that work, cancel the ineffective programs and develop a path forward that will produce equality for all in the workplace.

Bottom line: Offer a variety of “Instructional Programs” followed by “Hands On Training” and Employment Assistance to all minorities. Programs can range from Vo Tech Training and On-line courses to College Degrees. Contact everyone on Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid and the Unemployment Rolls. Provide an incentive program that offers a 20% increase of an individuals subsidies for an A grade, 15% for a B grade and 10% for a C grade. Eventually set up a provision for receiving assistance based on proof of enrollment in a qualified program and on achieving a passing grade. Start promotion of this program by employing the internet and the social networks.


The pending recession would prompt conservatives to abandon any project that is cost intense however the alternative may prove to be more costly in terms of “The Promotion of Conservative Ideals.” There are sources of revenue to consider other than the federal budget.

Start by contacting a philanthropist. For example: The Education Deputy Director of the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” is Stacy Childres. One of her charges is to support Non Profit organizations that provide education for low income individuals. There are many billions available to the properly aligned institution

The Best of Luck in drafting and passing the proposed legislation. If I can be of any help contact me at: [email protected]

Thank you for your assistance in promoting this conservative vision.


Thank you for your consideration.

Very Truly Yours

Leon Gabel


References below:


bls minority unemployment rate of (African Americans, Civilian labor force) 13.2%

bls minority unemployment rate of (African Americans, 16 to 19 yrs) 39.4%


bls unemployment rate for Bachelor's degree and higher (Civilian labor force) 3.8%

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Signatures for Patriot Voices

I have supported Patriot Voices (PV) from its inception, financially and otherwise.  It troubles me, however, that PV often asks for a signature without being specific about the petition/message text that our signature will be endorsing.  This is true of the current request to DEMAND THE TRUTH ABOUT BENGHAZI.  In this case they also fail to state exactly who the “demand” is going to be sent to:  The Speaker of the House?  The leader of the Senate?  My representatives?  I would like to join PV is demanding the truth, but I would feel better about it if PV told us the wording of the demand statement and the leaders who will receive it. 

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Candidate Survey

I attempted to take the survey recently sent regarding what issues I thought was important in a candidate.  However, the survey would not allow me to select my answers on the rating scale, so I gave up.

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"Why it's first" email

I received the "Why it's first" email from Patriot Voices today and was surprised that the organization chose to use our first amendment in an attempt to solicit funds in this way. The email is right the 1st amendment is first for a reason, but that reason is not what the email would have you believe. 

The original resolution sent to the states for ratification in 1789 proposed 12 amendments. When the votes of the 11 states were finally counted on December 15, 1791, only the last 10 of the 12 amendments had been ratified. Thus, the original third amendment, establishing freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petition for redress of grievances became the first duly ratified amendment to our constitution. 

Now, the email could have addressed the fact that religion was the first issue that the Congress sought to secure for the people within this specific amendment, and that would have made a similar point, but it would have had the force of history behind it. I do not doubt that securing religious freedom was among the most important goals of our nation's founding, but to "spin" facts in this way is frustrating and disheartening. 

Maybe it was by the Providence of God that this 3rd amendment became our 1st, but the founders sought more administrative tasks such as the size of the legislature and their pay before securing these rights. Without a workable process, none of these enumerated rights would amount to much in our daily lives anyway. 

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Second Amendment Call Day 4/16

Please join the Second Amendment Call Day on Tuesday, April 16 to oppose the Toomey-Schumer-Manchin gun control bill (S. 649).  Simply call your two US Senators and ask them to oppose the bill.  For more information please go to and check out the hashtag #2Acallday on Twitter.

If you'll be joining the fight to defend our Second Amendment rights, please RSVP to the Facebook event at

Keep defending freedom!

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Rick's in Hospital

Well wishes and A speedy recovery for  A good man . Rest and get well your family needs you .

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