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Can Patriot Voices please look at my Obamacare effort?

I got it past a Congressman and two of his staffers, then was blocked by his Washington, DC staffer (assuming the long delay indicates it is buried).  I sent its initial version to you when I joined this website.

I recently emailed one of the earlier staffers about how there should be a way for conservative suggestions not to be buried by Republican congressional staffers.

Does PV want to see my email asking that Republican congressional staffers not be allowed to bury conservative suggestions, and the final version of my effort against Obamacare?

As it stands, unless the delay does not signal refusal, a single Republican congressional staffer has decided Americans must give up their doctors (assuming  my buried proposal might stop that).  A single staffer should not have that power.

If prayer says post this, I will.

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Place the blame for this on the ones that started this.

I just got your computer phone call. Rick, you want to lay all the blame for the NSA spying on President Obama. Why is that? Do you know something about him starting the spying? Why not place the blame on the President and his administration and his party, my party? President Bush and his administration and the Republican Party was hell bent on saving us from ourselves after the attack on 9/11. We are now living with the fall out of those decicions that were fast tracked to protect us that are now destroying us. Stop the party line attacks and work together and regien in the out of control crap that is destroying our freedoms. Obama didn't start this, we all did. We didn't start it from starting in the first place.
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CRPD rebuttal

Regarding the UN's CRPD, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, here is just one page of many that gives voice to the problems we would and could face if the CRPD were ratified by the US. It contains a summary of the wording as well as the source of the article wording within the CRPD so that you can read for yourself whether or not the summary has been stretched or taken out of context.

Bear in mind that Thomas Jefferson's personal and private letter of reassurance and support for the religious liberty of the Methodist church has been taken out of context by the anti-godly and 'Liberal masses' in our country, and not only has the meaning of that letter been totally reversed, but that reversed meaning has been somehow incorporated into the wording of a separate document of legal standing, the Constitution of the US.

The UN is not our friend. Legalese, the language of twisting word meanings to fit 'new agendas' and 'new ideas' is not our friend. There are more than enough organizations and agendas that are fighting for loop holes through the existing ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act language that we don't need to give them more ammunition with the addition or acceptance of even slightly contradictory laws with even more legalese.

For actual reference, here is a link to the text of the CRPD from which you can read for yourself and compare the statements of both sides as to whether the fears and concerns are baseless;

There are several other sites that claim these statements made by opponents of the CRPD are myths and over-blown reactions, however on each and every one of these that I have read, they merely state over and over that the opponent's statements are myths with only their own statements of their own interpretations, no bona fide reference work ... I guess if something is repeated often enough it becomes truth and therefore fact on it's own merit? Nowhere on these sites supporting the CRPD and bashing opponents of the CRPD have I read a quote or a clearly referenced summary or even a specific reference to any specific CRPD text that nullifies the evidence of the - potential - ha! - inevitable - use of legalese to undermine our ADA further.

We need to instead concentrate on finding ways to solidify and enforce the laws we already have against the legalese twisting that is already coming against the ADA, not allow or to even fight for the means to further weaken them.

I question the claims that state "While it is true that the CRPD will not require any change to existing federal law, the treaty will have an impact on blind people and others with disabilities from the U.S. who wish to study or work abroad, or for that matter, wish to travel or live abroad". In what way will the U.S. ratification of the CRPD have any effect on any other country, especially if that country has not ratified the CRPD or on our citizens who travel or live there? If it somehow does, then how does the CRPD not have the power to effect our own federal law? I'd like to hear an explanation of this oxymoronic statement. If it will affect how our citizens are treated by altering the laws in other countries, then how can it not affect how our citizens are treated here at home at the federal level?

Here is a page where you will find out how to make your voice heard if you feel that opponents of CRPD are voicing real concerns about real problems we will face if/when the CRPD is ratified. If criticising and objecting to the CRPD being a legalist's wedge to weaken our already faltering ADA means that I'm anti-disabled in your eyes, then so be it. I can live with your bigotry, though not as easily as you apparently can, however, I don't want to live fighting with the added loopholes of the United Nation's Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilies to our own Americans with Disabilities Act. The CRPD will make our fight implementing and enforcing the ADA so much more harder for us to do in the future. Adding more laws, more words, related to the same focus only serves to give lawyers more killing or at least delaying ammunition to fight those very laws. It is senseless to give any adversary more ammunition than what they can make for themselves.

Remember the words of the famous lawyer and former president of the United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton; "It all depends on what YOUR interpretation of the meaning of the word sex is". There's another grand example of legalese for you!


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Can Patriot Voices Re-start the Moral Majority

    I am very interested as the spouse of an active duty Marine if it would be possible to re-start the, "Moral Majority" of the 1980's that was the force behind President Reagan. Words have meaning. Many of us understand that and because of the political tension with the Tea Party movement, more wives like me would favor being part of a "New Moral Majority."

    The values are similar to the Tea Party movement as I see except it embraces Christianity in a way that "Tea Party" does not. I believe that Christian morality is fundamental to overcoming the egregious lack of value for humanity that we see in the Democratic Party today.This would scare the daylights out of the media. The folks that watch Christian television without participating might find their own call to ministry.

Bart Stupak proved it at the Democratic National Convention last year. When he showed up and said the party still had a place for Pro-life Democrats he was wrong. In the opening of their convention they ACTUALLY held a vote that denied God as part of their Party Platform! These folks need the ability to be part of moving our nation back together. They are very important and can bring back God's blessing to the United States.

Just a thought...

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Don't Stop The Shut Down!

For Congress to pass a law and not let it to apply to them as well as to the people is unconstitutional and they would all know this if they bothered to read it! I think WE the PEOPLE should file a law suite against the government if they continue to try and enforce this law on us. I would love to see this president, vice president, and other members of our governing body impeached and/or recalled ASP while we still have some freedom left in this great, God given country of ours!  

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Why Stop the Government "Shut-down"?

The more I think about this, the less sense it makes to me.  Illegally, we haven't had a budget since this President took office.  That should have made him ineligible for re-election, but the American people are more interested in their personal activities than paying attention to what our government is doing.  So here we are, once again being controlled by our dictator... or are we?  Something like eight hundred and fifty thousand people went home yesterday while the house passed bill after bill to send them back to work, while we wait for our budget to pass.  Ironically, some people were called in to work that might have been off yesterday.  Why?  Because this administration wanted the American public to pay for our misdeed of trying to stop his tyranny.  So, while some people were sent home, others earned overtime to keep the American public from being able to see our open air parks.  Wow, what a temper tantrum President Obama is pitching!

So, with the government "shut-down", some beautiful things have happened.  The IRS has also been shut down!  Hooray!  We may not have stopped the Anti-Affordable Care Act, but we did stop some of the tyranny never the less!  We've also seen to it that our tyrannical leaders are so busy trying to re-open a few government agencies, that they don't have time to force more tyrannical laws through the system.  Again, Hooray!

So, here's my suggestion.  As I see it, we currently have line item veto power.  We definitely shouldn't give that up!  Let's continue to fund only the things that are right and good, and by all means, let's remember all the trouble that the IRS has caused us and keep them closed.  How long?  That's simple!  Until this President either agrees to postpone the Anti-Affordable Care act until he leaves office, or until he just leaves office.  There's more than one way to skin a cat as the President obviously knows.  Since he's skinned it in every un-traditional way possible.  I think it's time to return the favor.

Let's give this administration a dose of their own medicine!  DON'T END THE GOVERNMENT SHUT-DOWN!

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September 30th, 2013

My Fellow American Patriots.

Today, we face a turning point in our history. No matter what happens on the floors of Congress or in the White House, our world is about to change. We have some important decisions to make today. Do we stand up, lift our voices in prayer and protest, or do we let everything generations of Americans have fought for. Tomorrow, we will all lose, one way or another, but we have to decide how to fight back and win our country and rights back from those who have taken them.

I have written more and enclose the link here.

Thank you, Fellow Patriots.

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How can we dare to chastise Syria for gassing their own people when we allow women in own country to kill their own children approved through our congress as "legal abortion,"  all the innocent people and children murdered on our soil every single day, all the terriorists at Gitmo released only to go back and kill again, China kills their own children and we do nothing.  I abhor any type of violence, and I can't stand seeing these precious children being slaughtered in such an inhumane way,  but it appears to me In my eyes and the eyes of other nations, we are hypocrites! We need to set the bar - be an example for other countries- others look up to us (they once did!) but we are no better than China or Syria any longer. Nancy Pelosi is speaking as I'm typing about WMDs and there are no WMDs that have killed more people than abortion!

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Never turn your back on a friend.

President Obama has made so many mistakes in office, but what I think will go down as his 2nd biggest mistake is when he turned his back on our best friend in the Middle East, Egypt's President Mubarak and gave all indications that he was fine with the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi gaining power.  Why was this decision so bad?  First, we completely lost the trust of the Egyptian people!  But also, the Saudi's (our 3rd best friend in the Middle East) realized that they can't trust President Obama (and hence the USA) to be there if Islamists begin civil conflict in Saudi Arabia.  Now the Saudis can't trust the USA even if a Republican was the next President.  This was confirmed by Republicans McCain, Graham, Paul, and now Corker as they seem to back the Muslim Brotherhood.  So while many in the Senate and Congress want to say how bad the Egypt military is for following the will of their people in getting the Muslim Brotherhood out of power, one of our remaining friends in the region, Saudi Arabia completely backs Egypt's military.    I hope we not going to turn our back against one of remaining friends in the Middle East.   

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