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A significant threat to our liberty is Rick Santorum

Obama will win a second term not only because of his character and policies but in juxtaposition to the ugly, closed, and negative persona of Santorum. He clearly exposes an agenda so far from the country of freedom and liberty our founding fathers and mothers fought for. 

Signed - a former Republican

Chip Crawford - Pittsburgh Pa.

p.s, Why do you think he was fired by the citizens of Pennsylvania?  






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Understanding Islam-the Threat

Hving just listed to conservative radio talk show host Vince Coakley and his first guest on-line on September 12, i have a greater understanding of just how much Islamic infiltration has already occurred with no resistance from the Obama Admidistration, but rather, a welcome, i am inspired to see to it that we have a change in the WhiteHouse, which i already wanted to see, especially since i am pro-life (and Mr. Rick Santorum told me that Mitt Romney is as well, which is why he'll be getting my vote).  We as citizens must also do everything that we can to stop Sharia law from being imposed in our states, communities, SCHOOLS, and churches.  Please go to for additional information and to hear Vince Coakley's recent broadcast go to Revolution Radio and type Vince Coakley Sept 12 in the search box.  God bless all of those who are takng a stand for life, freedom and family!

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Problem with benfits for donating?

Am I the only person who donated money and did not revceive their membership benefits? It said 4 - 6 weeks and its been over 8 now and still no package, I am wondering if this only happened to me. I tried emailing Patriot Voices but they are harder to reach then the President (well maybe not that hard) but seriously, there is no way to contact them and get to the bottom of this, so hopefully someone who oversees this website will see this and be able to assist me

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natural gas

this has nothing to do with this article but--- I used to own a natural gas van and gave a plan for our economy to John McCain via Fred Thompsons bus while he was campaigning for McCain---Want do you think if you could travel for way less then a dollar a gallon??--OK--Here is a short version--- There are 350 million sq miles in the us including water surface. If we were to put a natural gas pump every 25 sq miles at an estimated cost of 250,000 dollars it would equal 50 billion dollars ( I worked as an estimator for seven years for a very large mechanical contractor). There are not underground natural gas lines everywhere so the vehicle would have a switch to automaticly transfer the gas supply from natural to propane gas so you could make it to the next fill up station. More stations should be put in the densely populated areas and less in the sparsely populated areas. A no interest government loan should be offered to filling station owners. All money will be paid back.This would be a zero cost to the taxpayer!! This is just for a new start and as time goes on there would be nat gas pumps at every station in due time. If you had just a compact car on natural gas today your transportation cost would be the equivalent to around 45 cents a gallon!! Now wouldnt this really spark this economy???? And wouldnt this really clean up the air?? There are hardly no emissions! You can park in your garage with it running for hours and still breath fine! There are no carbon deposits on the internal engine parts. The internal engine stays as clean as the day it was installed. The engine oil never turns black and looks just like it did the day you put it in! You still must change it because it loses its viscosity. I have much more to say but it seems useless anymore. The dems have stopped it when Reagan wanted to do this and the republicans wont hear of it! And just think--We have enough natural gas in this country right now for ALL our total energy use for at least one hundred years!!! We could be totally energy independent in a matter of three years!! And with a booming economy!! I dont know how to put it on utube. Maybe i will find someone that can help me with that.

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A Democrat is supported by two Republicans

Ok, we can now resume the lame duck protocol of luke warm political insider lefties.  I predict there will be a third party come next election if we have a Republic left.  The parties have been invaded.  Both are not going to be able to accomplish much except time out.  They need to keep the public sentiment and not their own.  Sentiment is the law of politics and the public are fed up.  Get it or get out is my motto next time around.  435 House Reps come up for reelection and the ground needs to swell with new blood.

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Lost vote

I am a Christian and an independent and I understand that we are in the most serious trouble this nation has ever been in. However the reason we are in this mess is because of the compromising of the church. Until 2 weeks ago Mr. Romney had my vote, but when he made it public that he was pro-abortion he lost that vote. That means I will not be voting for either candidate in the Presidential election. I believe it was Spurgeon who said; "when faced with chooing between the lesser of two evils, DON'T!" It is time for the republican party to have candidates who follow the republican platform.


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Every day people of faith are bullied into submission when it comes to honoring God in their places of work. We need to rally grassroots support to demand the passage of the Workplace Religious Freedom Act. Defending the rights of people everywhere to practice their faith freely is paramount to protecting America's religious heritage and character.

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Stop Obama from releasing classified information for political gain.

We need the creation of legislation that will ultimately ban politicians from revealing classified intelligence and tactics for reasons of political gain.

Such legislation will help strengthen alliances, especially with Israel. It will protect the lives of the men and women that protect our country, and it will help protect and recruit future sources willing to assist the US.

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Illegal Immigration Americas Major Problem

Right now in America we have a huge problem with Illegal Immigration. Are borders are not secure. We are giving illegal immigrant children a free ride with this new executive order that President Obama signed. Why should those kids be given a free ride to stay here when they broke the laws.i do not support any kind of amnesty. If you break our laws you need to be deported back to your country of origin. So many states spend billions of dollars a year on catering to the illegal immigrants why dont states use that money to boost their government and help the people of their state find jobs.  For example California spend 22.5 billion a year on illegal immigration.  I am going to lay out a broad plan on how to deal with this crisis.

1. We need 40,000 national guard troops deployed to the Mexico border to secure it. We need unmanned drones to help find immigrants that escape from border patrol or who are hiding. State governments should

2. We must boost the E-Verify system. We must fine employers hefty amounts for hiring illegal immigrants. We must make English the official language of America. We must revise the 14th amendment of our constitution to if a child is born here to one parent of whom is a US  citizen than that child is a US citizen.

3. We must ban Illegal immigrant from recieving any kind of Public Assistance from the state where they reside. Public Asssistance is only given to American citizens and the only reason the illegal immigrants get it is because their children our born here. By banning them it will save states billions of dollars a year. Give employers who hire illegal immigrants a tax break if they hire Americans to do those jobs. 

So this is my plan that i have put forth to solve our illegal immigration problem. I hope everyone comments on it.

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How to fix America

The key to fixing America is to return to fath. Now I am not saying that it has to be Christianity, but it has to be some form of religious faith. Without religion, a person can never be truly moral, they will never have a set doctrine telling them how to live their lives, which is why drug use among teens is rising, abortion and teenage pregnancy is rising, and why our economy is getting worse by the day. If we returned to religious faith, we would immediately begin saving money, no longer would Planned Parenthood recieve over 500 million dollars a year from the government to carry out abortions, every unethical law or regulation that has been passed would no longer exist (Obamacare).

Not only would our society begin to improve, but our economy as well. The changes would not be drstic at first, but the changes themsleves would be immediate. Our country began to fail after the citizens and the government abandoned the absolute truth that this country was founded as a Christian nation, we need to return to those ideals, beliefs and convictions. That is the only way to fix our country.

America is failing because the soul of America is dying. We need to revive it, we need to grow, and learn from the past. That is why Conservatives need to unite, and spread the word of Conservatism in order to restore our once great nation. America can still be the shining house on the hill, but we need to return to religious faith in order to do so.

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