Why Stop the Government "Shut-down"?

The more I think about this, the less sense it makes to me.  Illegally, we haven't had a budget since this President took office.  That should have made him ineligible for re-election, but the American people are more interested in their personal activities than paying attention to what our government is doing.  So here we are, once again being controlled by our dictator... or are we?  Something like eight hundred and fifty thousand people went home yesterday while the house passed bill after bill to send them back to work, while we wait for our budget to pass.  Ironically, some people were called in to work that might have been off yesterday.  Why?  Because this administration wanted the American public to pay for our misdeed of trying to stop his tyranny.  So, while some people were sent home, others earned overtime to keep the American public from being able to see our open air parks.  Wow, what a temper tantrum President Obama is pitching!

So, with the government "shut-down", some beautiful things have happened.  The IRS has also been shut down!  Hooray!  We may not have stopped the Anti-Affordable Care Act, but we did stop some of the tyranny never the less!  We've also seen to it that our tyrannical leaders are so busy trying to re-open a few government agencies, that they don't have time to force more tyrannical laws through the system.  Again, Hooray!

So, here's my suggestion.  As I see it, we currently have line item veto power.  We definitely shouldn't give that up!  Let's continue to fund only the things that are right and good, and by all means, let's remember all the trouble that the IRS has caused us and keep them closed.  How long?  That's simple!  Until this President either agrees to postpone the Anti-Affordable Care act until he leaves office, or until he just leaves office.  There's more than one way to skin a cat as the President obviously knows.  Since he's skinned it in every un-traditional way possible.  I think it's time to return the favor.

Let's give this administration a dose of their own medicine!  DON'T END THE GOVERNMENT SHUT-DOWN!

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Response 3 on Lee Bright
Wow. I came here to try and lobby for people to ask PV to do what I could not get the Lee Bright campaign to do. And you are his supporter.
If you could reach his people, please reach someone there I could not, and ask he do what I am asking PV to do.
I was going to post this here yesterday, but the kind, unbelievably efficient (I joked I wished I could hire her) person here enabled me to send my request directly to PV. Yet you bring up Lee Bright.
So I will put it here.
I have tried to get a Republican candidate asked to say the below since 2012. I tried to reach Mr. Santorum on his website, but the woman I tried to go through banished me from his website before I could formally ask. My price for first trying to chat before submitting my request.
Anyway, I sent requests like this to four South Carolina campaigns (if you count the gentleman who was supposed to run among the four) and all were ignored by the campaigns. I also failed with the supporters I found on their websites. I also failed with South Carolina talk shows. I also failed with Senator Scott’s campaign staff. No one on a South Carolina Republican campaign staff wants the soldiers helped. Yet I believe Lee Bright would if my request could get past his campaign staff. Below is what I sent, less the final paragraph.

As I sent to PV directly, the full line I need a prominent Republican to say is this: Americans who want to have a right to support the War, and the soldiers in it, besides by sending care packages.

Before posting this, I need to pray on posting this one, and over other two I just did. I assume the other two clear easily since they are innocuous. But this is the task I do which makes people hate me, rebuke me. shun me, etc. They demand our soldiers be ignored during this War. So I pray on these posts and on whether to put the bulk of my failed request to Lee Bright here … if I serve Him, I need to thank you for posting and opening this door. Exactly what I wanted to do my first visit here you enable me to do now. It is so much stronger a request because the kind first woman let me submit it directly to PV first.

Now this is cleared to post. I hope doing this does not get me kicked off this website. You and the first woman have been so kind to me so far. I like coming here. Anyway, below is my failed key request I joined here to offer:

September 2, 2013 3:58 p.m., 4:01 p.m.
re: Need candidate Bright to back soldiers
I reached the Mitt Romney campaign in South Carolina in early 2012. I asked Romney say a simple line acknowledging Americans who wanted to had a right to support our soldiers. The staffer I was sent to ignored me. Months later a national Romney staffer emailed me to recruit me for the Romney campaign since I had contacted the Romney website. I sent him my failed South Carolina plea. He acknowledged getting it. It was ignored.

I recently went to the Nancy Mace campaign and begged it contact Romney, and two other Iraq veterans who ran for Congress and Senate and lost after their campaigns turned me away. Her campaign ignores me. I finally wrote to Bill Connor last night since he is back from serving in the War. Recently I tried two very strong Lee Bright supporters who kindly responded but refused to ask him to back our soldiers. I recently tried the campaigns of two other veterans who are running for Congress and Senate. My pleas are ignored. Now I ask your campaign directly.

Since the 2005 campaigns declared the War wrong and something which should not have been fought, every Republican staffer I have gone to who is in charge of the Veterans and National Security issues rejects me or ignores me. They all take the position the soldiers must be abandoned in order to win elections since 2005. If a prominent candidate or legislator says that was wrong, all Americans will finally be allowed to help our soldiers win this War. I can hand you three 2012 candidates who lost after their staffs forbade them to say that – Romney and two Iraq war veterans. Surely one of them will now say they would have said my line if asked. Then Bright says it and wins the Senate.

Americans love our soldiers. They hate the fact enemy morale has been at stellar levels since the the 2005 Democrat campaigns declared the enemy deserved to win this “unjust and wrong” War. They want enemy morale to plummet. I just need one line said and it will. Please route me to someone in this campaign who will look at my attempts with three prominent 2012 candidates so that staffer can ask those candidates, including Romney, to say they would have backed our soldiers if asked. Then Bright wins easily, and Americans like me get to finally do our World War II home front efforts in this War. Our soldiers deserve every effort which knocks down enemy morale.
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Response 2 on shutdown being barebones
What I mean is, states are required by law to adopt budgets in a timely fashion. They do not use the continuing resolution to evade it. At least I have heard of no state trying it.
Therefore, I assume there is a provision in every state’s laws to have a default budget.
The shutdown had the federal government allocating remaining funds as it could. But a default federal budget could operate as the actual budget for a year.
So if we draft a sample one now for the federal government, and advocate its adoption when possible to stop future Democrats from breaking the law by using continuing resolutions, it should stop that practice.
I really want PV to consider letting people help craft that proposed default budget. Certainly it should exclude all of the silly research grants and money to foreign governments. I doubt many Americans like paying for those. It would so easy to list what types of normal government payouts get excluded during a default budget. That would frighten Democrat legislators.
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Response 1 on voter ID
Yes. There is zero valid argument against voter ID, except to permit voter fraud.
I never thought of a grassroots way to secure it, but if Patriot Voices were willing to push to make Voter ID the law, all it has to do is this (since your post makes me think up a solution):
1. Have PV make a tab for voter ID
2. Have that tab lead to pages for every state
3. In each page, visitors are invited to post ways voters could bypass the current voting law in that state to vote illegally. The posts should be anonymous. The point is, at some point if sufficient valid contributions roll in, PV people can take the list for a few states and challenge people who oppose voter ID to prove those methods cannot happen. If the contributions are solid, and the faceless-vote advocates PV challenges cannot say those unveiled methods cannot occur if someone tried them, voter ID should sail through in all 50 states. For PV will silence every faceless-vote advocate.
If you agree with this idea I came up with 90 seconds ago, please help modify it in the hope someone at PV will consider using it.
I like “faceless-vote advocate.” I just came up with that for this post.
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Sedulous Suasion,

Believe it or not, the government “shut-down” is really just the government on a ‘bare bones’ budget. President Obama fought hard to make it look worse than it really was and actually spent extra money to keep civilians out of public locations.

The truth is that government shut-downs are the only way of forcing your hand when developing a budget. The democrats used it many times during the Reagan Era in order to spend more than he was willing to give them, and it was used again here to stop Republicans from postponing the Anti-Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, democrats are the only ones who know how to get what they want from a shut-down. Republicans are entirely too quick to lay down their arms and climb back into the comfortable saddle of kissing tail in order to get along.

The only way to fix this is to weed out the republican legislators that are too comfortable in their positions and bring in new people with conservative ideas and a willingness to go against the grain. I can tell you honestly, that if Lindsey Graham wins the Republican ticket in SC this year, I’ll vote for a democrat in order to kick him out. Of course, I’d rather see Lee Bright take his seat, but liberal republicans make me angry. They’re liars to the core, and I refuse to support them.

Either the RNC is going to figure out who their base is, or they’re going to become a ‘has been’ party.

Honestly, the IRS was always a bad idea. A flat sales tax that everyone pays would be much more effective. Combine that with heavily taxing ALL imported goods and people will quit lying about their incomes and everyone will pay according to what they spend. The rich will naturally pay more than the poor, because they have more. The illegals and even the tourists to our nation will all be paying a share. I just can’t find a down side to a flat tax. With no special interests involved, the IRS will be reduced to managing the honesty of business owners and the ships importing goods.

The high import tax will also bring industries back to our nation and employ our blue collar workers again. There is a way to fix this mess. It just requires legislators who will step back from ‘politics as usual’, and introduce ‘politics for the care of the majority’ as it was intended to be.

The only way to do this is to reform our polling laws. We show our license to buy cigarettes, alcohol, pharmaceutical narcotics, and educations, but we don’t need a license to vote. Wrong. Our license should be our voter registration card. You should be able to show up without the card as long as you have a valid license. How about we show our license to sign in and then scan our license in the polling booth to vote. The computer then takes your picture and checks it against your license before you proceed. Picasa’s been working on face recognition for years, so I know they can do it.

You have great ideas Sedulous! Keep thinking and keep posting, so they’ll hear us! ;-)
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Reading your post saddens me from realizing I have no clue how to force a legislative body to pass a budget. The law requires it, but how do you force that law to be obeyed?
It was passed in the House. It is the Senate which won’t allow a budget to pass.

The only solution is to have legislation in place which provides for a default budget.
So someone needs to start drafting it.
It likely exists in various forms in the states.
If those versions could be looked at, one could be drafted up for the federal government. Then there would be no continuing resolutions. Instead a (hopefully) barebones default budget would automatically engage if a true one was not adopted in time.
I would love to help craft that proposed legislation.

As for your mistrust of the IRS, thank goodness for all the ex-IRS employees who now work against it. I hear them advertize all the time. A few of them could easily lead an effort to reform the IRS and reign in its untoward powers.
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