Who are the Minorities?

I'm almost forty, and I'm surprised by how our politics don't match our perspectives in this era.  My childhood didn't include slavery or 'spicks'.  In fact, aside from a few cultural differences that can also be found in people from different states, we were all the same.  As a young child in Indiana, I knew one black boy, Chris.  He walked and talked like everyone else in school and I never even remember wondering why he was black.  I was more curious about the entire family that was excessively obese.  When we moved to south Georgia, we moved into an area that was about 80% black.  Again, aside from cultural differences we were the same.  In fact my first friends there were all black.  Later, in South Carolina, we ran into many Mexicans.  Really, the only difference I saw there was that they were bilingual and enjoyed speaking Spanish in front of those of us who couldn't understand them.

I have, on occasion, been the recipient of prejudice.  Did I mention I'm white, (well, some strange Scottish/German/French mix anyway).  Those prejudices seem to have been passed down from prior generations and are few and far between though. 

We have a successfully blended culture, with many mixed race couples.  I think it's time to stop focusing on our differences, and start focusing on our future together.  Minorities are primarily a dead issue now.  Women and blacks own land and vote, as do all the other races in our nation.  We have many races and both sexes in politics.  We've proven that over fifty percent of our nation will vote a black person into our highest political office.

"Minorities" is a dead issue, and should be laid to rest for the health of our nation as a whole.  Illegal immigrants are not minorities, they are criminals that have already proven they believe it's alright to break the law if it's in their best interest.  For the rare occasion that it's actually dangerous for them to go home, grant amnesty.  For the rest of them, strip them of everything they own here and send them back naked.  Everything they earned here belongs to a citizen, not them.  Did they jump the border in Mexico?  Fly them to the southern most part of Mexico and drop them off.  Did they have a child here?  They have a choice, they can leave the child behind to be adopted to a family of citizens, (never to see it again), or they can forsake the citizenship of the child and take it with them.  How in the world did we get to the point that criminals are minorities?  They're not, they're Criminals!

I believe it's possible that Mexico will help us with this endeavor.  Didn't they forsake their Country?  Just ask Mexico to allow us to build an airstrip in one of the most uninhabited parts of the Nation, and then to allow us to fly all of their runaway citizens there.  I would think that Mexico would have a use for criminals.  Perhaps they should give up as many years as they spent here, (but a minimum of one), to help Mexico with their governments financial needs.  They could work in any manual labor capacity for food, shelter and a prison uniform.  I think we could both deter illegal immigration and help Mexico financially all in one sweep.  ;-)

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