My American Dream

As Republicans, we get knocked around for being out of touch with social justice, but I believe they are totally compatible, because we want to see a country where taxpayers are not going to be liable for laziness, and yet believe in compassionate capitalism. I also believe that it is time to enter into serious discussions about a flat tax.

I have no problem with paying my fair share of taxes if I know that it is not going to prop up some fat cat politicians and social programs which drain everyone of their resources including the middle class.

I believe there is totally compatibility also with not being homophobic and yet promote marriage between one man and one woman. We can disagree with a person without being ugly about their orientation.

America has always been great in my opinion because we have not only been faithful partners with our friends around the world in every way, but have also blessed our enemies as the Holy Scriptures encourage us to do.

In terms of foreign policy, we must always negotiate from a position of strength and the current position from Washington seems on the surface at least, to be one of containment and appeasement. This is disastrous and we can only look back at the Reagan era for proof that strength is the correct policy.

I also believe that we must always bless Israel which in itself does not mean that we take a strident view against her immediate neighbors either. All nations taking a stand against Israel have seen a decline in just about all aspects of their national life.

This is in a nutshell, my American Dream. 

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