My American Dream

My American Dream is for our country to return to our forefathers dream of one country united under God who inspired the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that all people are created equal; we have a right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.  Our forefathers were God- fearing leaders who valued all life.  If you look at the type of problems we have experienced and continue to experience, they are since the legalization of abortion.  It has resulted in the murder of innocent, defenseless unborn babies.  The decline of morale values, family life and the lack of true faith has resulted since abortion was legalized.  If our government would abolish abortion, America may very well see some of its problems solved or greatly improved.  Dishonesty, self interest, and the murdering of the defenseless seems to be the rule currently.  Convincing Americans that good is evil and evil is good is currently forced upon us.  However, what is right and good will never change.  Evil and wrong , however, changes depending upon political motives.

We provide support for clinics that offer alternatives to abortion, vote for political candidates that have proven track records for respecting the Constitution, and provide our elected officials with our position on pending legislation. 

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Would God or Jesus embrace legislation as an answer to abortion? Might they suggest a better way?
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