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I see the passage of the FairTax as the single greatest piece of legislation for creating a smaller government, for dramatically improving our economy, and ridding Washington of thousands of tax lobbyists. I dream of the day when our elected politicians see all the many flaws in our current tax code and instead of tweaking a totally broke system vote to totally replace it. The FairTax plan is the only plan in existence that totally overhauls our tax system with something that is fair, finite, and flat. Over 60 in the house of reps. are co-sponsors along with more than a handful of senators. Momentum is growing for this plan. My dream would also include organizations like patriot voices getting behind this effort. I challenge senator Santorum and all elected officials to thoroughly study this plan and get behind it as so many people are doing.

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We certainly need tax reform. I have heard Mike Huckabee say good things about the Fair tax. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will happen with Obama in the White House.
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