Don Huffines: Candidate for Texas State Senate - District 16

Huffines.jpg"Don is a strong conservative.  He has pledged to oppose any tax increases, supports term limits and the elimination of the business tax, and believes that state government must be more transparent and live within its means. Don is someone voters can trust to do what is right and to keep his word. He is a man of unshakable faith who will not compromise our Republican values."

~Senator Rick Santorum






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To the Honorable Senator Huffines:
I am 63 years old. I am also a longtime Public Servant. I have been a fraud investigator, law enforcement officer for over 30 years. It really disappoints me when our State agencies appear to be above the law. I should not have to hire an attorney to represent me to make a state agency do the right thing. The lottery commission has put us in a position to have to sue in order to for them to do the right thing. The lottery commissioner has questionable ethics. The Supreme Court recently ruled that vendors are not due sovereign immunity as the Tx lottery commission has if they defraud the public. I would rather see the lottery shut down than think that Texans are being duped. PLEASE, with all my heart I ask you to do the right thing and and replace Gary Grief with someone who will protect Texas consumers from fraud. Yes, I am involved with the Fun 5 lawsuits, and I just want what is fair, nothing more and nothing less. I know it is not necessary to wait until the next legislature convenes to be able to make a call and look into this. We depend on you and other elected officials to help us after we helped elect you. May God give you the strength to help us and to bless you. Linda Primera. 972-822-4468
Las Colinas, Tx 75063