Demand the Truth about Benghazi!

It's been a year since four Americans were tragically killed in Benghazi and it's time we get answers.

Watch this video then add your name demanding we get the truth - because it matters!

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Hey, that’s what governments do: they screw up, then cover up, then get caught, then try to spin it or bury it. The Obama administration is about the 44th one to do that.
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Hey! Donald Trump.Saw it! Millions of People throughout America and.the. World Saw it! My husband and I saw It! What.Did We See and Where did we see it and What did we see? We watched the Bengazi Attack in Our Homes One Our Home Computers through.our Internet! Donald Trump and Others were screening.saying that our current president wouldn’t be RE elected because Still America accepted the Obvious Lies and Voted Them back in. Lol. Peace Be Unto You. All and God Bless! Jane HTTP://
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Yes, let’s demand the truth about Benghazi. After that, let’s demand the truth about Iraq, The financial crisis and so many more American lies!
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Answers to what? Some bureaucrats screwed up, the consequences were bad, they tried to spin the story and got caught. Name a single administration since Jefferson’s where that didn’t happen.

You’re playing on the passions of those whose adrenaline glands are stronger than their brains. You’ve probably raised all the money you’re going to from them. They don’t have a lot of it, y’know. Move on. Probably you can apply this formula to start a liberal site and find some new suckers there.

a conservative, in contrast to the con artists who run this site.
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