Dan Bridges

legislation, business and civic leaders wrap every action around the Theme "What's a Kid Worth"


My son Gage Bridges age 11 and I have worked on a report he's written entitled "What's a Kid Worth" and was posted last week on www.trac5.org front page under the video.

In the report it address the large percentage of GDP attributed for children/youth in "Trillions" and the contract/decline since  1975 in the Child Well being index studied by Duke University.


I"m a friend of Senator Ken Paxton TX of 10 years and he emailed this week that he wants to meet to discuss Gage's report.


I would like to discuss with you too Rick.


The ripple effect of everything that a child needs that their parents can provide in concentric circles should be the measuring stick to provide for and protect children and everyone can support this logic and it begins with parents having a job to provide for their kids, housing, utilities, safe neighborhoods, civic services, schools, doctors/hospitals, clothes, and all the other Industries after Diapers and Disneyworld  from Tourism to Candy, to sporting goods and everything in between - a select list is in the report - should be determined by what the kids need.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss with you.

Dan Bridges

I texted you today at 674 63 per CPAC Speech.  I'm sorry for the loss of your nephew.  God Bless.