Rev. David Kelley

published Punishing lawlessness in the WH in Forum 2012-11-29 03:34:35 -0500

Punishing lawlessness in the WH

No President in the last 100 years has had such a high disrespect for the law and the constitution. I began to notice it big time with his comments on the DOMA laws. The health care laws, right of conscience, disregard of getting consent to place troops in combat in Libya, Sinai, Turkey and Syria. Leon Panetta states, he gets his marching orders after talking to both the President and the UN. His Health Secretary broke the law. He said nothing. His Department of Justice top official stonewalled congress, he said nothing. His Department of the treasury aided a company to put its debts on the taxpayer. He said nothing. Currently we can't impeach him due to the Senate but could the house sanction parts of his salary to get his attention? Which is worse a Morsi (Egypt) a Dictator or a president that ignores the law when it doesn't suit his purposes? This breeds anarchy, contempt and states wanting to secede. He is in the process as your column has stated to dividing Israel. There are grave repercussions coming if that occurs.  Its time he goes!