Conservative Values

Patriot Voices believes: 

Promote the Dignity of Every Human Life

  • We must respect the dignity of all life from the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly. 
  • We must protect the unborn through a constitutional amendment. As our founders declared, our Creator endowed us with inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 
  • The right to life is the foundational starting point for freedom and the government is obligated to protect it. 
  • We must prohibit federal funding for any form of abortion.

Defend and Strengthen Marriage and Families 

  • We believe that marriage and families must be protected as a foundational institution for children and our society. 
  • We support pro-family tax policy and worked hard to have the increased Child Tax Credit included in the Tax Reform package passed in December of 2017.

Promote Religious Freedom and Civil Society

  • We must support restoring freedom and limited government and go back to honoring the principles our Founding Fathers gave us in the First Amendment. 
  • We must stand with charitable and faith-based efforts to help neighbors and improve communities.

Nominate and Confirm Constitutionalist Judges and Justices

  • We must confirm judges and justices that respect the Constitution and understand their proper role in a system of limited government.

Promote Educational Opportunity and Empower Parents

  • We must unleash the potential of every child by enabling parents to direct the education of their children toward excellence with expanded high-quality educational options at the state, local, and family levels. 
  • We must block grant to the states and localities most federal education dollars and restore higher education loans to private sector competition.


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